Sunday, January 26, 2014

The "Cloud" Is A Convenience For The NSA

It was bad practice from the moment it was suggested.

Nobody ever listens to people like me who actually understand the best way to store data safely. The idea of sending your data into an amorphous multiserver abstraction doesn't make for good business in any regard.

The sheer risk of opening up your private data to nearly anyone who can crack the protection guarantees you will be ripped off sooner or later. Whenever your government tells you that they have the authority to do things like this, you can rest assured what they lack are the brains to keep this stuff out of the hands of hackers in Russia and other places. Those guys are a hundred times better than anybody who works for them and they wade through firewalls like tearing through a gossamer curtain.

The madness of the Kwanstainian government has effectively cut their tech industry off from the future.

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samhuih said...

I always thought this was stupid also. What if they lose you data. Oops sorry.