Thursday, January 16, 2014

Supervillain Melonhead Plots His Next Scheme Against U.S. Constitution

Enemies of every healthy society and destroyers of peace, safety, common happiness and freedom

Overplayed hand for sure. Never seem to realize this until the backlash is apocalyptic. A peculiar kind of person, seems bent on his own destruction through roundabout means. Doesn't appear to realize he is being spotlighted.


Bob Wallace said...

The only thing the movie will do is drive people to buy more firearms.

samhuih said...

Saw this paper and thought I'd sneak it in. It's off topic to the post but not the blog interest.

Impact Hypothesis Loses Its Sparkle: Shock-Synthesized Diamonds Said to Prove Catastrophic Impact Killed Off N. American Megafauna Can't Be Found

Now this paper gives evidence the ice age electrical discharge theory is correct. What happened to the nano-scale diamonds in the original paper? Did they not find them in the first instance? How did they confuse diamonds and graphite?