Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sapiens Tries To Recover Gracefully From Five Centuries of Childlike Rubbish Posing As Science

It's a lost cause. Sapiens science is junk science. Vault-Co science is science.

"We had it wrong for five hundred years but now here is our new summary without conceding all that stuff we told you previously was gibberish." Sapiens calls it a "learning curve" and yet he never seems to learn anything. Manboons are not learning animals.

Our narrative on Vault-Co is only supported by the evidence. We don't have any of that other stuff to bolster our arguments. All we have are the cold, hard facts of the matter.

Sapiens scienmajists lie constantly and have destroyed their own credibility

20% of the population represents a spectrum of humanity with Neanderthal gene expression. The other 80% are animals who can walk on their hind legs and speak. That's all they ever were and it is all they will ever be. Any political system which emphasises freedom will benefit because they will free up the extraordinary energies of the 20% of mankind which has seemingly boundless reservoirs of creative problem solving capacity which the remainder of mankind never seems to demonstrate.

There is no point in trying to figure out who is who or to try to create a regime based on this idea because in any such system it is only a matter of time before the majority 80% will occupy the institutions as inferior leadership. The only solution for this dilemma is to extend a maximum amount of freedom to all people equally. That is the only way to liberate the Neanderthal minority from the otherwise stifling yoke of the Sapiens beast. Any system run by the majority will be a failure without exception in its attempt to replace judgement with regimentation. There is no substitute for having Neanderthal genes and without them, all Saps dominated systems will go into a spiral of decline.

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Your site cheers my Neanderthal traits,