Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pyramids Built From 90% "Rubble?!?"

I like this idea because it makes it obvious the pyramids were built by humans for certain. Humans who were as advanced as the current era or better but not by much.

It also makes a lot of sense. If both the Sphinx and the Pyramids were enhanced by the Egyptian Pharoahs and had already been there for tens of thousands of years then it points to very ancient cultures. This pushes back the start of cities and agriculture considerably.

I have a theory that humans cannot get much more advanced than we are now without tumbling backwards to less complexity because of the hardwiring inside of their heads. We can't maintain the complexity we have now. I think similar problems were encountered before by societies with admixture of Cro-Magnons. It doesn't matter if you have a small core of brilliant elite melonhead rulers when the slaves become unmanageable and cannot be regimented sufficiently to protect the existing complexity of the civilization. I believe this may be an eternal problem for the ruling classes - getting their hands on slaves smart enough to run the machinery of the society and keeping the society healthy enough to turn out competent replacements. It is a very delicate balancing act and it only takes a few errant cultural trends to start churning out useless crotch-grabbers who cannot possibly be tasked to maintain the infrastructure.

In so many places you can tell when the apogee has been reached because as soon as the civilization goes into decline you start to suffer from people stripping away the underpinnings to sell for salvage. This was the case with the outer mantle of the pyramid and it is the exact same phenomenon with somebody tearing up rails in California to sell as scrap metal. Those rail lines were placed at great expense originally but it only takes one misbehaving opportunist to rip up miles of track laid by hard working men.


Some dude said...

What do you think the purpose of those buildings were? Super bomb shelter? I've heard that before but doesn't it seem too elaborate for that? Maybe it was a shelter designed for the Flood?

By the way, the word used in the bible for "flood" does not actually mean "flood". The word is "Mabul" and it has a root that's shared with "confusion" and "withering".

Anyway, if the pyramids were built in this current 7000 year cycle, what purpose would you think they have?

olebob said...

Missile defense buster: China tests new hypersonic glide vehicle

Ave said...

Eroor 404 on the link.

I remember having seen on German TV some ten years ago (more or less) an australian engineer explaining that not only were those blocks cast like concrete, but that the workers made sloppy job (explaining why the borders of the borders were not always perpendicular, for which there is no other sound reason that this very evident explanation).

He started to think about it because he saw marks of releasing the casting form which is common now when people do a sloppy job pouring concrete...

BTW, it fits very much with the kind of agricultural society Egypt has always been : a very few very advanced people at the top and peasants purposedly maintained in stupidity and sloppiness (same as pre-WW1 Russia)

samhuih said...

I think there is no doubt what so ever that the pyramids were built with Geopolymers. A concrete that is made that joins like a polymer. Joseph Davidovits discovered this. There are unfinished rough cut blocks on the inside. You can see these in the broken through areas of the great pyramid. All the outside stones, the upper stories and the inner finished chambers and crypts are geopolymer. You can also see geopolymers in the thin vases made of dolerite stone. Dolerite stone is extremely hard and it would be difficult if not impossible to shape a tall slender vase without it being a geopolymer. If the pyramids were made with geopolymer they could mix it on the ground then carry it in baskets to the top. Then pour in molds.

Why the so called experts don't agree is probably a "not invented here" syndrome. If you read a lot about geopolymers there is no other simple explanation. The reason they stopped building large pyramids is they ran out of the mineral used. They did still use geopolymers in the later tombs in the caskets/crypts and inner chambers.

You said,"...It doesn't matter if you have a small core of brilliant elite melonhead rulers when the slaves become unmanageable and cannot be regimented sufficiently to protect the existing complexity of the civilization..."

I don't agree with this. The large majority of White people are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and prospering as the long history of Europe shows. Black people are not as their history shows or at least they don't seem to make any improvement in their lives. As for Melonheads being the ones to foster civilization. I don't agree. I see melonheads as psychopaths with no empathy. Empathy is THE vital emotion to have a functioning civilization with "progress". Yes you can have civilization without empathy but no progress. Look at the Melonheads in South America. All of them ripping peoples hearts out and throwing them down the pyramids. In Egypt the Melonheads had civilization but NO progress. Why because the Melonheads are only interesting in their own selfish aggrandizement. They are psychopaths. I believe that if the Jews are Melonhead hybrids they too are psychopaths. If you look at the book the Jews use ,the Talmud, you will see it is nothing but a manual for psychopaths. Small wonder a Jew wrote the Satanic Bible. Another book based on selfishness and psychopathy.

Look at what happened in Germany when the Jews were not allowed to run the government, banks and industry. While the whole world was in a crippling depression the average people in Germany prospered. While many smart White people seem to be able to use their intelligence to improve the lives of many. The Jews use theirs to only enslave others. (I'm speaking generalities here).

I posted this before but I can't help thinking the Jews are a Neanderthal or Bigfoot hybrid. Look at picture Zana's youngest Son Khwit on this page. He looks like the stereotypical Eastern European Jew from the ghetto.

Now they're saying his genes were African. African? Maybe early early African I think. Now look on this page at the picture of Zana’s supposed daughter or granddaughter, Natalia.

Remind you of anyone... say Amy Winehouse!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-amy-winehouse-jpg.jpg

Anyways you get the idea.

samhuih said...

One other thing about Egypt. Why did Egypt fall apart. I read once, wish I'd have saved it, that the Jews took over Egypt and when they had total control they separated all the people, mixing the Blacks with the Whites. Families were moved from their homes to other parts of the country. Severing all ties that Egyptians had to their villages. All to completely disintegrate and atomize the Egyptian people. Maybe that's why they fell apart.