Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Way The The West Will Survive The Coming Ice Age

Modern people have trouble remembering to wash their hands leaving the restroom. No way is the western world going to be able to cope with a new Maunder Minimum.

The feedback mechanism in the human brain that tells them they need to change their approach isn't working any longer in the West. In the 1700's if they had an unexpectedly hard winter I guarantee you they would have been loaded for bear come the following year and doubled up on everything they would need when the next one hit.

They had a good warning in 2011. Atlanta is a city run by enrichers. Anybody with the lights on upstairs would have been fully prepared in 2013 and 2014. They weren't. They don't react to feedback and alter their plans accordingly.

This used to happen constantly in the civil defense programs of the 1950's. The local officials never failed to notice a pattern or to think about weaknesses in their strategy. They'd go straight in asking for appropriate resources to respond in a different way the next time an emergency hit. This is why America had an amazingly responsive civil defense system in 1963, the year I was born.

Modern day Kwanstainia specializes in dumb looks and baffled doubletakes. No amount of advance warning they need to buy more snowplows or store more rock salt ever turns on anything resembling a lightbulb in their politically correct brains. They just run around in circles squawking like chickens and blaming it (whatever it is) on global warming. This is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left by organic failure at the game of life.

The next Ice Age is going to depopulate that continent real quick, one way or another.

These are early days. It ain't even got cold yet, carpetbaggers. See if you want to still live there after a couple of years with no summers in them. We'll see. I don't think the climate is going to agree with you.


samhuih said...

It's 12F outside right now in Southeastern US with snow on the ground. May not be much to some people but here we have zero snow handling equipment. This is and one other time is the only time I remember the snow not melting the next day completely. Yesterday the road system came to a halt. Cars and trucks piled up on all the roads and interstate. Nothing can be done because we don't the equipment to take care of it. Haven't needed it. Maybe I should look into getting a snow plow. :)

Cranberry said...

Perhaps it's for the best that they die off: these are people who can't handle a few inches of snow, or who grumble and complain at having to arrange for childcare due to school closings, and think "all wheel drive" or "four wheel drive" means Bulletproof Highway Star.

I've long thought of city life as something that makes one go soft. Street smarts are only good if you're on the streets, but nature doesn't care about your safety nets and dependence on civilization to keep you alive.

cbenediccengi said...

book/blog/website that discusses the affects of resource availability on individual and group behaviour.

Few resources result in
K-selection - horizontal social integration, us vs. them mentality, and a sensitive amygdala (fear processing) that rectifies selfish/immoral behavior in aberrant individuals for the betterment of the group. K-selected individuals (Thals in general) act like wolves: small, loyal packs

many resources causes r-selection. The amygdala becomes desensitized and people become more selfish and cowardly (narcissism). They behave like rabbits. They breed like crazy with no parental investment, no group cohesion, and when things get tough they scurry away from the fight to find a new area of fresh grass that is available (excess resources).

Throughout the long arch of history, K's (wolves) eat the r's (rabbits). The 21st century rendition: wolves=China, Islam; bunnies='The West', self-hating white (Zionist-Marxist indoctrinated), race traitors.

Ric said...

Thank god someone else is recognizing the connection between current weather trends and the Maurader Minimum. It's nature taking its sweet revenge on the arrogance of humanity thinking that it could somehow impact mother nature.

I think the one flaw of your piece is that the wealth and technology, as well as the strength of capitalism, can and will solve the majority of food crisis that'll occur.

It'll be extra funny when liberal fucktards are are begging for extra cheap and weather resistant GMOs and rushing to fast food places to get grade F meat to deal with their hunger.

samhuih said...

Ric said,"...I think the one flaw of your piece is that the wealth and technology, as well as the strength of capitalism, can and will solve the majority of food crisis that'll occur..."

The only problem being we're growing poorer rapidly, we don't invest in small modular nuclear reactors to end our energy problems and we live in a time of monopolist crony capitalism where all the gains in the economy goes to the connected ones. Other then that your completely correct.

AUSSIE said...

Capitalism as in the debauched version that is in place now isn't going to solve anything! We are well into a de-evolutionary spiral and there is no coming back from this! We cannot buy our way out of the problem as a "Global Community" it really is every man (or tribe) for himself!

AUSSIE said...

Our debauched capitalist model isn't going to fix anything! It's all downhill from here! Anyone who believes we will be able to buy a "Global Solution" to this problem is going to die very early on!

samhuih said...

" really is every man (or tribe) for himself!.."

I agree with an emphasis on tribe.

KW Jackson said...

Just a reminder: if the government is at all involved in business it's not free market, it's on the fascist spectrum - and Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism all lead to the same end; Tyranny.