Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nation Most In Need Of Regime Change Identified in World Poll

The nerve of those peasants. Read your programs, you can only be afraid of the imaginary dangers posed by imaginary enemies we invented in your countries, not in ours.

Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows exactly who the most dangerous rogue nation on the planet is nowadays

Claims to be an empire but it is run like a colony

The Soviet Union never dreamed of the State possessing such draconian powers.

China will protect its resource supply like any rising empire


Publius said...

Wow, even 13% of US citizens think the US is the biggest threat!

"--American respondents named Iran as the greatest threat to peace (20 percent), followed by Afghanistan (14 percent). North Korea (13 percent) – and the U.S. itself (13 percent). - See more at:"

Some dude said...

I don't think the link text to the article you linked to was fair Mr. Tex

First off, as far as I know, the Federal Reserve is a private institution. And to say that govt should determine who should or should not be working in a position in a private institution is a very ugly thing right there.

And I also don't think you would have had any complaints if the man had dual citizenship with Canada. But if you would have then I apologize, but that's not the impression I get from that article or from you in general

And I want to point something out to you, it isn't just the US that has to deal with dual citizens in sensitive positions of power, right now the head of Bezeq telephone in Israel is a man named Sir Ronald Cohen. Sir Ronald Cohen is a dual citizen of England who lives in England and is the majority holder of the Portland Trust which is slated to build 150,000 homes as well as a casino in the Gush Katif area.

Ronald Cohen was also the man who spearheaded the expulsion of the Jews living in that region.

Now I know that Jews being expelled from there probably does not carry much weight with you, and I am not bringing it up for sympathy nor do I expect or need it. But I am telling you all this to show you that we also have to deal with the exact same issue that you are concerned with.

Ronald Cohen is a billionaire dual citizen who lives in England, and was trained his whole life (I would say indoctrinated) in English schools

He is firmly against Jews living in Israel and heavily pro palestinian. He phrases his position in a nice way, but that's the gist of it in the end.

He is the head of the largest telecom in Israel, which makes him right there a serious security risk given what just came out with the NSA.

He has been quietly accused of funding massive bribes and corruption among the political class of Israel to fund what many believe to be a suicidal initiative that destroyed a lot of lives in our country.

Don't you think some of us are wondering if he is a British backed attempt to recolonize our country? And if this one is doing it, how many others are there?

I know I am not very good at getting my point across, so what can I say, I hope you can figure out what i mean and see what I am trying to say.

Other than that, I liked what you brought up.