Saturday, January 18, 2014

Must-Read Link On The Modern Workforce

The modern world doesn't make any sense until you look at it through the lens of the 5% psychopaths and sociopaths who dominate it.

One of the biggest conflicts in the workplace day to day is the ongoing battle between people naturally suited for the work and those who have to pretend to be doing it in order to draw down a check. The former is the sworn enemy of the latter and they cannot exist long together in the same place, similar to matter and anti-matter. One or the other must leave and it is usually always the ones worth a damn.

The press makes a big deal out of the rare one-in-a-million instance where the guy who is kicked out gets back in and reforms the company like Steve Jobs. For every Steve Jobs there are ten thousand people who got forced out through simple social engineering and never returned. These stories don't have happy endings until such people found their own successful business and make a living at it without having to pass through the corporate gauntlet of trial-by-mediocrity.

The average human being makes it look so easy to do nothing all day long with theatrical flourish and vain grandstanding. You should see what it feels like on the other end of the human spectrum.

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