Saturday, January 18, 2014

Melonheads Publicly Outed

I used to sell a lot of books in New York city. I read a lot of strange books that are not in popular circulation and discovered many things that peasants are not supposed to know about.

Some of these books were from the estates of dead men who were tall, had disturbingly high foreheads and red hair. At least one of them had a peculiar serpentine appearance in the face. They always seemed to be in possession of books that ordinary people never hear of and cannot check out of a library.

That's what gave me the advantage on this subject.

It took a few decades after I had moved to another country before all those books started to gel inside my brain. I had not seen the big picture they painted until many, many years afterwards. For example, learning that the Khazars were red haired with large eyes, pointy skulls and that they worshipped snakes and had so many snake idols in their country that it was always possible to see another one from anywhere in Khazaria. Or that it is believed the Khazars were believed to be descended from Sumerian and Akkadian ruling classes that were driven out in a slave revolt.

If you read the article carefully and watch the associated video you will see this recurrent phenomenon of having some kind of trepination at the rear of the skull but only in fully matured adults. Cyberjack for hooking into melonhead media cable feeds? I don't know. This is more common in these skulls than you would expect. Since their temples on Malta have tunnels hundreds of feet underground without any residues from torches or candles I gather they may have had many technologies that are not even understood today.

There was no "serpent" in the Garden of Eden. That's poor translation of Hebrew by the King James scholars. There was the Nahash, a person with a snakelike appearance, an unclean spirit that is somehow serpentine. It also means a deceiver, a trickster, a person who combines great guile with great wisdom. The Khazars worshipped the serpent as a creature of light, from whence comes his frequently used name Lucifer, the morning star.

Jesus advises his followers to be as wise as the "Nahash" in their understanding so as to defend against their wiles but counsels us to be children in our heart. That is basically the fundamental operating principle here at Vault-Co.


Bob Wallace said...

Nachash also means to whisper, to seduce, like Kaa the serpent in Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Books."

samhuih said...

That's a good link. Haven't seen that one. It lead to a lot of good videos.

It would be nice if in your copious free time between building shelters, taking care of your kids, working and paying attention to your Wife :) if you remember some of those books names write them down and tell us. Please, with sugar on top. You did mention the Malta one which was good.

Chris from Sydney said...

Thought you guys might find this article interesting.

The reason we haven't got our rainbow soup and 15 hour week is because it scares the Melon's to much what we might start thinking if we had time to meet our higher needs.

bicebicebice said...

Start at 3.10 - 4.40 :), ofcourse whole show could be interesting to watch.

Thought it might be interesting if you hadnt seen it already!