Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Medical Science, A Mysterious Nonstarter Since the 50's

Here they are asking for money for the next big round of research that is going to cure cancer and other bad stuff because the solution is always give me more money.

You whippersnappers probably don't know it but they run this scam every generation. When I was born in 1963 the entire field was on the verge of a huge series of breakthroughs within a year or so, all they needed was a trillion dollars or thereabouts. They usually get it. Researchers got themselves great big mansions with swimming pools and big pimp Cadillacs with all the trimmings and nothing much of significance occurred for the next half century. People continued to drop dead like flies of these diseases and doctors tried to look circumspect and thoughtful as they dragged the sheets over their faces.

Back in the 1950's, they shot you with radiation to "cure" cancer because radiation was a powerful magic as anybody who saw drive-in movies could tell you. A half century later, cancer death rates have climbed enormously. Your odds of surviving any kind of cancer in fact improve substantially the further you live away from modern medicine.

We've had 25+ years of genomic research funding. Total results? Oy vey, nothing so much yet! But a windfall, I tell you, we are on the verge even now! A windfall, itz! Right around the corner, you betcha.

A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you're talking some serious money.


olebob said...

I believe this better explains the motivations, behind Stephen J. Gould's activities.

An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege

samhuih said...

For real anthropology, Carleton S. Coons:

No it doesn't cover Neanderthals but I don't think in his time they had any idea of Neanderthal Sapien mixtures.