Thursday, January 16, 2014

ManBearPig Still Creating Terror In Kwanstainia

Despite some nervous nellies claiming there is no such thing.

Increasingly, there are more and more people aware of the obvious - the Sun appears to have gone dormant since the late 90's. The people conducting the surveys twist responses like this to claim a majority believe "some kind of climate change is happening." They twist the responses because they are liars who are propagating gibberish and trying to shore up weak foundations.

A new grand minimum Ice Age doesn't care if humans are aware it has arrived. It doesn't matter because they will simply freeze to death or starve when the time comes and their entire genetic strategy will be revealed as grotesquely inferior in a Darwinian sense. A "consensus" won't help them in the least. So Kwanzanians can have all the conferences and discussion groups they want but it will not stay their fate by a single day. People with these kinds of mental deficiencies are summarily terminated by Mother Nature. They can go by the thousands or individually, either way they are going. On a planet that is normally quite cold such organisms are regarded as extraneous and simply a transient phenomenon of the Holocene. This planet belongs to the hardy, adaptive, resilient, robust Neanderthal ... always did, always will. All other are just tourists passing through. The ant carries the eons on its sturdy back but the grasshopper only lives for one short sweet summer.

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