Sunday, January 19, 2014

Majority Are Always Wrong, About Everything

Who can blame poor Saps? With an average IQ of 98 and a brain roughly the size of a squirrels.

Any creature who arrives at conclusions by taking a vote is assured of getting the wrong answer every time no matter what the subject. Homo Sapiens is a moron. There is no bugfix, patch or upgrade available to correct this version. It was never put through proper Q&A, there was never user testing and it was broken by design when it was deployed. Since there is another hominid design which was already perfected over a million years, one wonders what purpose was to be served by this release. Saps needs to get right but that isn't likely anytime soon. I recommend a phased transition back to the earlier software which had already proven its worth. We should turn off user support for Saps at the end of the Holocene and just let that version expire.

Calling it a "sleepy sun" is obvious spin. You have to hear the sounds of nuclear explosions, air raid sirens, screaming mobs and small arms fire before you realize what the implications are. A "sleepy sun" is another way of saying "worldwide apocalypse."


Some dude said...

I wanted to write that maybe the ice age and lack of food explains the plans of the elite to wipe out most of the pop. But it really doesn't.

More people means more minds, more sets of hands, more will, more love, more ability to get things done.

If we weren't so confused and insane from the filthy garbage given to is by the psychopaths running the show, we could deal with an ice age. It would be very hard, we would suffer, but working together we could do it.

I don't agree with you that most people should die. Maybe in the eyes of God it's a matter of justice, but I know that God has mercy on His creations. I don't think He wants anyone to die or lose out. I personally have a lot of anger towards certain groups of people for things they've done, but I don't want them to get hurt, I want them to grow up.

I'm pretty down about what I'm seeing.

Texas Arcane said...

@Some Dude

I don't want people to die. I don't think they'll notice if they just fade away.

The planet would be better served with a population of creatures clearly designed to live on it. We could be simply living in one big biological anomaly which is due to pass as the planet stabilizes itself.

Life seems to be trouble for Homo Saps and maybe instead of making 'Thals life pain he could just retire from the field and let the star player get back on. This planet is best held by natives.

samhuih said...

I and many others have talked a lot about psychopaths here. I happened to run across this video. It is the best video on spaths I've seen. It's really worth watching.

Financial Terrorism Exposed!! - Thomas Sheridan (Psychopaths in Public Life)

He breaks it down so well. He doesn't say a word about Jews but everything he talks about describes them. As an aside I don't believe only Jews are psychopaths. I do believe that they have a VERY VERY large population of psychopaths in the Jewish gene pool. That's why they keep getting kicked out of every country they go to. They abuse everyone around them then move on to a different country. A tribe of psychopaths.

Think of the world around you. It's madness. My Mom is always saying this but the world she grew up in is totally different from the one we have now. The concentration of resources has allowed the spaths to take over. They must be destroyed or we will.

Societies have been destroyed by psychopaths. An example is Alcibiades. Alcibiades went from city to city in the ancient world. In Sparta he was more Spartan than the Spartans. Changing his chameleon skin every time he moved somewhere else and betraying everyone he came in contact with. Alcibiades killed Athens with risky schemes to glorify himself.

One thing they don't tell you is King Agis hated Alcibiades because Alcibiades had a child by the Kings wife.

Some dude said...


Yeah man. Sorry about that.

lysander said...

Hi Tex, it's been awhile since I commented here. As you well know, in the 70's the scientific buzz was about an oncoming ice age. I read a paper back then that suggested that all it takes is seven years to go from 'normal' (what we are accustomed to in this inter-glacial), to ice age conditions.

It's obvious that Earth won't have mile high glaciers in seven years, but the effects of a 'little ice age' and the beginnings of a regular ice age are identical, according to what I read.

Perhaps the inevitable nuclear war over scant resources will edge it along a bit.


Texas Arcane said...


I believe that Robert Felix is correct in asserting the evidence says that on some nights on this planet, seven stories of snow have fallen in a single night, so dramatic was the change to the climate. I also think he is right when he describes weather states as a toggle instead of a transition. This winter worldwide is more proof for me.

samhuih said...

I'm old enough to remember when the gov. line was we were going to have another ice age. They blamed it on human industry throwing ash into the sky blocking out the Sun. They showed us pictures of New York City covered with a mile of ice. It really frightened me as a child. How would we live on ice I thought. That's why I remember it so vividly. They should have stuck to that line the veer into global warming has blown their creditability (as if they had any).

Also want to reiterate that the Thomas Sheridan videos are truly great.