Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kwanstainian Teachers Cannot Correctly Spell "Litter"

That's the most important observation I made here.

Mike Judge was visionary with IDIOCRACY. The movie got snubbed because it wasn't 500 years in the future.


Cranberry said...

Of course good citizens don't liter - this is America, metric is for Europussies.

Please forgive the sarcasm, Tex. Couldn't resist.

I weep, openly. Our financial situation will permit neither homeschooling nor private school, but I'm determined to make my kids' teachers fear the sight of me because I'll be a boot on their faces. I pay them, they answer to me for any and all idiocy I perceive.

PS I'm commenter "Amy" new handle. Thanks.

samhuih said...

Make sure your kids know phonics, how to diagram sentences, the times tables at least to 12 x 12 and even better 15 x 15 by heart and read a lot of old adventure fairy tails to them to get them interested in reading. The rest should be ok.