Friday, January 10, 2014

Kwanstainia Realizes It Is Too Late To Avoid Ending Up A Radioactive Crater

Much like the late Roman Empire when they realized the end was upon them - running around frantically making plans too expensive to implement in an era when it costs a million dollars to fill a pothole.

China a fresh, vibrant young country bound to put these people out of their misery at some stage like a sick horse being put to sleep by a veterinarian.

Kwanstainia knows the end is near and is taking steps to see to it that everybody is mercifully narcotized when the end comes. When the flash and the blast wave hits them they will be too high to even know what has happened.

More and more military strategists are arguing that the only hope that the 'Stain has to possibly counter a billion and a half people in China is to gain a decisive edge in robotics for the next war. That means giving them greater autonomy every single iteration.Isn't it amazing that Isaac Asimov foresaw in advance the three most important laws that sane people would have to impose on robotic intelligence if they didn't want to be extinct at the hands of same?


Ave said...

The one thing about social decay and Terminators is that they are linked.

Last year I started writing a survivalist novel, and while I wrote I realised a number of things. (Okay, so it sounds like self-promotion, so I'll provide the link here : and get on with my initial argument.)

In this novel of mine (it is now over sixty chapters long), the introduction of human-like AI eliminates the need for most human jobs and, as a consequences, of most « useless eaters ». I researched how these kind of eliminations have been arranged in the past, and such things as the Warsaw Ghetto come to mind.

But what the Nazis wanted was to replace the « inferior races » by their own, whereas in a scenario where most humans are redundant, and at the same time machines are superior to them in most ways, the situation is different. So I kept the Warsaw Ghetto aspect for the immediate pre-crisis (or pre-culling) event, as a stage of weakening and general reserve depletion.

A sudden interruption of food supply, as well as energy and heating, in our very urbanised societies would see most deaths occurring without too much intervention. There is also a precedent for this, in the form of slums (read Planet of Slums by Mike Davis), where the internal order is provided by gangs, collecting rent for the landlords, the country's own billionaires.

In today's Third World, elite military units are being sent to rein in either a criminal gang that somehow cheats on the billionaires, or to assassinate local grassroots leaders that attempt to organise their lives differently from what the billionaires have in mind (not even resistance, mind you).

In order to have such elite troops, you have to pay them with the possibility to build a better future (money, status etc.) but this is moot when talking about a post-AI future. So the terminators would mainly designed for these kind of missions. They'll only show up in Podunk if there's some kind of organisation there to eliminate. They won't kill most of us : our hungry & stupid (since several generations) neighbours will take charge of that.

A last word on terminators themselves : contrary to the general high-tech image that is provided (such as in the WND article), I expect killer machines to be shabby, because of they will have to be mass-produced in a short amount of time.

An iconic machine of war that followed these specifications was the T-34, which was quite shabby indeed ( ) because its main strength was its ability to be produced at the highest rate.

olebob said...

I saw a somewhat optimistic prediction by a leading AI researcher. Unlike many of his colleagues, he thinks man will merge with machine, long before machines become sentient. And if strong AI ever appears, he believes by that time we will be its equal.

Transhumanism, y'all!

samhuih said...

It's the machines that scare me worst. The powers that Be can't enslave us now because we have too many guns. They don't have enough people to fight all the gun owners but with machines it changes things.

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styrac said...

styrac said...

False Flag Averted?

FrankNorman said...

Tex, I question your description of China as "fresh young country".
As a nation, they're pretty ancient. And the modern PRC has its own severe problems.
The "one child per family" policy and resulting demographics.
The pollution from reckless industrialization.
The need for more, more, more natural resources to meet the expectations of the common people for a more prosperous lifestyle.

And their current economic model (mass-producing consumer goods for export) is unsustainable.

Some dude said...

I think this problem can be fixed. It's a matter of reaching the people and teaching them common sense and integrity. So far, all we've gotten is "ends based" and "process based" propaganda. That is you must BE this or have DONE that.

But what the people need is to be taught that the I ntegrity and common sense which they already have is what they need to develop. People with integrity and common sense can always develop ways and find goals which are fitting. This is where we are all messed up.

Once you have that, I think even this war can be avoided. Wars are not that hard to avoid for men who have simple integrity and common sense. That is because men with those qualities tend to win such wars quickly.

samhuih said...

styrac said...

False Flag Averted?

That's a great link. Very interesting.