Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jimmy So-Vile Is The Same Old Scandal With A Different Actor

They want you to think this came as a big shock to them all.

The truth is, we've seen all of this before.

The cops always pretend they had no idea. When it was happening, they appeared to be acting as enablers, procurers and first line of defense against complaints registered about these monsters. Without the cops running interference, these guys would almost certainly have been caught and exposed.

In the real world, people only get away with outrageous savagery like this because they have friends in high places seeing to it they are not arrested.

Psychosis and pedophilia are fellow travelers of the same buglight that draws all these creepy freaks to politics, finance, show business and the media. These guys play good cop / bad cop and the sheeple think somebody somewhere is looking out for their interests. Ultimately, the fault lies with them, not these monstrous creatures. A thousand starstruck parents delivered their teenage daughters into his hands. Yet, had they only trusted God above men, they would never have been deceived in this fashion. How important a question is it to ask if God exists, when following his wisdom can provide so many benefits to a man and his loved ones?

Acts 10:34 KJV

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.


samhuih said...

If the government cared they could round up all these people pronto.

Easy example. They could find all the people in the USA involved in the Finders and just start asking a lot of questions. See where they've been. Who they met. Where do they get their money.

Same with the Boys Town- Lincoln savings and loan scandal. Just who were the FBI and police investigators who worked on this case. Why did they cover up all the evidence. Who told them too.

Two or three years worth of good solid investigation could wrap up the large majority. You can also bet that the same people are involved in gun, people and drug smuggling. Crime might come to a halt. Just kidding on the last one but it could take a great big chunk out of it.

Publius said...

Why is he still alive? Are there no parents at all who have any instinctual sense of justice or rage, at all?