Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Catholics

I was raised Catholic and like many others I suspected at a young age that my church was the direct representative of Lucifer on Earth. I developed these opinions when I was contemplating going to seminary the year before I graduated high school.

I was studying the New Testament, which said the ministers of sin would dress in black, forbid to marry or eat meat. I lifted my head inside the church and looked around.

The Swiss guard would never make these allegations if they were unfounded.


Dave, RN said...

Can you give a scripture reference for this? I want to study further.

Chris from Sydney said...

Confirmed by Captain of the Guard

M├Ąder admitted he would not have promoted a gay member of the Swiss Guard because “the risk of disloyalty would have been too high.”

“I also learned that many homosexuals are inclined to be more loyal to each other than to other people or institutions,” he said. “If this loyalty were to go so far as to become a network or even a kind of secret society, I would not tolerate it in my sphere of decision making. Key people in the Vatican now seem to think similarly.”