Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chinese Preparing Deterrent To U.S. Aggression

2014 Looks Like 1914 With Better Toys To Wage War With

Kwanstain keeps laughing along like those bad old days are behind us but China is not cracking a smile. Apparently there are people in China who don't favor an ironic attitude like nothing matters. They even seem to believe in those bad old ideas like national sovereignty and territorial security. Not people you want to laugh at. You'll never catch me scoffing at people who have turned the entire underside of their country into an underground missile shuttle network.


Some dude said...

I think your analysis should be broadcast everywhere and taken very seriously, but at the same time we should be careful not to ascribe too much strength to them. These are communists, they lie even more than we in the West do, and that's saying something.

samhuih said...

The fact of the matter in total is we can not dominate them. Especially in the China Sea but they have NO control over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans where they get their raw materials from. Any escalation and they could be cut off. Hence their speed to acquire ports in Pakistan for transshipment of oil. I wonder if they're burying the pipeline? Ah some one has the same thought.