Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chief Architect Of The United States

What he really thought ... not the lies you have been told about what he thought.

Let's not bandy words here. The other Founding Fathers were highly intelligent, extremely virtuous Renaissance men who constituted the best system of government that we know of in world history ... but the truth is, Thomas Jefferson passed more brain cells in his last bowel movement than the whole lot of them put together.

All the stealthy fifth columnists in the 'Kwa are not worthy to crawl up on a stepladder and plant a kiss in the crack of Jefferson's ass.


Melonhead said...

All of the Founding Fathers were like superheroes.

Take two of other more famous examples: George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

George Washington was an experienced soldier, military genius, a businessman who ran diverse agricultural operations across roughly 100 sq. km. of northern Virginia, politician, and more. Someone today in America with similar impact would have to be like the following: Imagine if General Petraeus also happened to do a stint as a SEAL in Afghanistan, owned and ran Archer Daniels Midland, was a multi-billionaire, a Vegas card shark, a respected politician, also happened to fight off an invasion of superiorly armed and supplied aliens from outer space, was the leader of an inter-continental secret society, and decided that he didn't want to be king after doing a stint as President.

Benjamin Franklin, who only had two years of formal schooling, was a leading scientist, diplomat, publishing businessman, author, social welfare organizer, inventor, and more. Someone today in America with similar impact would have to be like the following: Imagine if Elon Musk was an elementary school drop out and also happened to run Facebook, the New York Times, FedEx, and the Weather Channel; was the ambassador to China, the city manager for Los Angeles, Oprah; and happened to found and run Caltech in his spare time.

These two and Thomas Jefferson are just three of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. There were 53 other audacious men who were just as accomplished that signed it, too.

njartist said...

I am waiting for all those "Jeffersonian Democrats" I heard so much from in the 1970s to speak up. I think I will wait a long time.

samhuih said...

I'm with "Melonhead", the post not the name, the founding fathers were a brilliant and BRAVE bunch. I read a good book on John Hancock. One of the richest merchants in America. Gave up everything to join the revolution. He was in Boston and knew it would destroy his business prospects. Can you imagine any of our pampered billionaires giving up anything for the country? At best they only want more mass immigration and lower capitol gains.

cbenediccengi said...