Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Person Discovers Stephen Gould Was A Charlatan

Quack. Fake. Fraud. Cagliostro. Poseur. Sophist. Pedant. Blowhard.

I feel for this guy because he then proceeds to rattle off another list of absolute phoneys as authorities to be preferred over the polemicist Gould ... Dawkins, Diamond, Pinker. Good luck, buddy. If you live long enough you may figure out the truth about those guys as well.

The fact is, the stakes are too high politically in anthropology to allow people to go about spouting the truth. For this reason, since the late 70's other men with different loyalties are recruited who can be trusted to support the official party line which dynamically shifts around according to the needs of those in power. This is where we got garbage like "Out of Africa" and the "Neolithic Revolution." Neither one of those things has any evidence to support it.

Funny how this entire time, the multi regional hypothesis has ruined careers and driven people to the fringe of the profession when that was what the evidence indicated all along ... but no, we don't want to hurt certain people's feelings by telling them we have no common ancestor with them and their own people never appeared to advance beyond mud huts and tapeworms for a million years. They might feel bad about themselves and we might feel like we were different from them. We can't have that. So the lie has triumphed with decades of gibberish and fabrication at the expense of all the decent scientists who might have otherwise been interested in the field.


Bob Wallace said...

Krugman is as big of a fraud as Gould, who put the study of evolution back 50 years.

samhuih said...

Oops. I'm afraid I've libeled Dr. Coons. From wiki.
"...Summary of The Races of Europe[10]
Coon's 1939 book concluded the following:

The Caucasian race is of dual origin consisting of Upper Paleolithic (mixture of sapiens and neandertals) types and Mediterranean (purely sapiens) types..."

Texas Arcane said...

Incredible how science was actually more advanced in 1939 than in 2014, isn't it?

Reading Stoddard and Coons it is incredible how close they were with an educated guess than modern men are with all the DNA sequences at their fingertips. Real brains do that.

They didn't know what admixtures modern men were made of but they easily figured out they were the conjunction of a couple wildly different races. They also put animal domestication much further back in time using educated guesses. The "Neolithic Revolution" (everything in the past 5000 years) is on par with Haitian voodoo for all the science involved. Stoddard suggested the most advanced races were herders, not agriculturalists. He guessed they would have the most reflective natures and be better at problem solving.