Sunday, December 1, 2013

The News Just Reaching Some

I had a lurker ask me about a familiar urban myth debunked back in the early 90's, the assumption for 50+ years that Las Caux was painted by Cro-Magnon people. These things are all the result of a big misunderstanding.

It was just assumed that the victors of any "evolutionary" struggle must also be the most physically beautiful, artistically gifted, have the largest brains and the most muscle mass. This is the legacy of 200 years of Neo-Darwinism. Even classical darwinians know this is not how things work in real life. Tapeworms wipe out whole species. Nit-Lice harry certain small mammal species to death. Fungal and bacterial infections have victimized whole phylum and crawled on their graves.

For 150 years, since he was the one who survived, scientists just tacitly assumed he must have been responsible for countless miracles worked by hominids in Europe. They just assumed it was the Cro-Magnon who had domesticated animals, drove out the dire wolf, produced these marvelous works of art and survived the Ice Ages. After all, what was the alternative? Something that could not be described in polite company it was so horrible to contemplate. The truth is often like that. It is not welcome in civil society because it offends the vanities.

Cro-Magnon is famous for nothing and never did anything. That's the truth. He was a bloody jawed rapist who enjoyed eating babies. He is the direct line ancestor of Homo Sapiens. He couldn't organize a bowel movement. His weapons were inferior to those that modern children could make and his general strategy for everything was to attack in huge waves of warm bodies without much of a plan other than to keep coming until the enemy was defeated. He was not so much a human being as a kind of virus made in the shape of a biped. He was a creature without a soul.

Once you understand this a lot of modern history becomes transparent to you. All of a sudden, lots of stuff just makes sense. What was formerly a mystery appears so obvious it is hard to believe there was ever any contention over the root causes. All that endless war now appears to be nothing more than simply the expression of the basic nature of the survivors. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

You will know what is meant when anthropologists whisper to each other, "The second mouse gets the cheese."


Russell said...

Those cave paintings are better art than most of the crap produced starting in the 20th century.

So much for modern progress.

bicebicebice said...

Nice one Tex, gave me the strength i needed in a recent legal matter, and i gave them a real good trashing!

Ordered the "Malta and the Mediterranean race, and a few other books i picked up through the entries here on vault-co.


Grognard said...

They had to be made by neanderthal because they have handprints of the makers. Whicha re neanderthal...and female too, surprisingly.