Monday, December 2, 2013

The Authority Figures Have Everything Well Under Control

Because of scienmagistics and edjamafacashun.

Edjamafacashun is the key.

No saboteur would have ever thought of just punching zeroes as a test. These brilliant spooks thought of everything.


Some dude said...

Texas, sometimes I get the really strong feeling that the illuminati are not as bright as they make themselves out to be.

But if that's so, then how are they so powerful? On the one hand they seem to have all the angles covered, and on the other hand they seem to be stupider than a pile of rocks. Can you explain what is going on?

Texas Arcane said...

@Some Dude

Look who they are competing with.

Compared to the average Homo Sapiens, the elites look like freakin' savants. It is like winning a gold medal at the special olympics. It does not prove that you are not retarded. It proves you beat the other retards.

The plans of the elites for world government will not work. They don't know this. The creative destruction they have down perfectly - except for the creative part. The destruction is working out just fine.

Long before the world government holds its first pedo festival, the planet will go to pieces.

It is like Obamacare. They talk it up to make it sound like it cannot fail. Then there is implementation. Not much worth mentioning. Socialized medicine always sounds good on paper, disastrous when introduced. It appeals to the vanity of fools who cannot even manage their own health but are convinced they know what is best for the other million.

When it comes to destroying society the elites show true genius in this regard. The thing about being a termite is that it is easy to eat the wood of your own house but telling the other termites about how you're going to replace it with another house of your own design when you finish the current one off is delusional.

Nimadan said...


You're assuming the Elite aren't planning to kill most of the population and seriously alter the ones who are left. It won't be difficult to control a world whose total population is between 10-50 million, the urban segment of whom are brain-damaged tranny-serfs.

My analysis is that if and when the Elite get all of the WMD states under their control, they will stop pretending to be liberals and will move ruthlessly to cull the herds of economically obsolete proles and peasants. The most likely technology employed for this purpose will be bio-engineered pathogens spread a variety of ways, including aerial spraying and tainted vaccines.

Right now the main thing holding up the parade is Russia's refusal to cooperate. If Russia folds, the gaggle of lesser states following their lead will have to submit or be drone-bombed off the planet. China appears to be playing both sides of the fence. Jones incidentally is convinced that Beijing has made a secret deal with the Elite to be their new world-enforcer after the US collapses.