Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas From The Human Genome Project and Vault-Co

All existing scientific paradigms smashed to pieces. Extensive support for nearly every single idea ever offered on Vault-Co about human origins.

The Scythians, snake-worshippers who would eventually become the Khazars.
They had a cult of Isis, the "goddess" that was insulted and dishonored by Enkidu when he destroyed her enforcer the "Bull of Heaven"

The Neanderthals were indestructible super-survivalists because of their continent spanning system of vaults, food storage cellars and transit tunnels. The only way they could possibly have been conquered is with a two-footed custom engineered spear-chucking exterminator who could have followed them anywhere they fled to. These tunnels connected through to Turkey to a megavault system that made Vault 13 look like a molehole in comparison. Some people believe the deep rock super subterran in Turkey could be more than 50,000 years old or even older.

This is what real Amud Neanderthals looked like :


Melonhead said...


Have you seen this article?

In particular, look at the family tree chart. Now, I love graphs like this, because it is easy to change the angles of the branches and get a different story - one similar to our crack pot narrative.

Here is how it reads to me...

1. We start with a base human (proto-Neanderthal?)
2. An unknown hominin (melon?) splits off
3. The proto-African splits off (engineered?)
4. The proto-Neanderthals and unknown hominin, create a mixed, mostly Neanderthal, new race that becomes the proto-Denisovans (palace guards?) that receive continued Neanderthal contributions
5. The Africans come out of Africa, and genocide the European & Middle East Neanderthals; creating the Europeans who are mixes of mostly-African, but some Neanderthal. There seems to be archeological evidence of such a genocide.
6. The European horde spreads across the rest of the world, integrating the remaining Denisovans and creating the East Asians, Oceanics, and Native Americans in the process.

Now there are questions about all of this, and they are the same questions we came to before. How/why did the unknown hominin split off?. Did the creation of the Denisovans completely wipe-out the unknown hominin or was it a friendlier matter, a la the "palace guards" guards scenario? Why did the Africans split off? And, why did they burst out of Africa on a rampage?

There are viruses that can get trapped in a creature's DNA, especially if they infect the reproductive organs. All great apes except humans and orangutangs have a certain DNA virus (can't find the study at the moment). This suggests that humans occupied Africa after becoming "humans". Perhaps the Neanderthal and/or other hominin explorers recognized the vast resources or Africa, but were wary of its plethora of exotic diseases (sleeping sickness, marburg's) and tried to develop a fast-reproducing settler for that continent in order to exploit it. Just guessing here, but it would explain why Africa appears to have been cordoned-off as a no-Neanderthal area and why Neanderthals smashed other humans who wandered into Neanderthal territory. And, it could be that the eruption of an Italian supervolcano ( injured the Neanderthal herds enough that the N. population was significantly weakened - allowing the Africans to emerge from the continent.

Texas Arcane said...


The unknown hominin, of course, being the Melonheads. Clearly the root race or genetic starter yeast for the other species.

This is why I said that this research supports previous conclusions on this site.

Obviously, the melonhead would be nearly fully developed for at least two million years beforehand, perhaps hundreds of millions or billions of years before. The farther back you speculate, the less obvious or certain the conclusions. I think the matter of who was the root race is largely settled. Either the Melonheads were the root race or else were the first to be spun off from the root race.

olebob said...

Chris from Sydney said...

Merry Christmas Tex and fellow Vault Co followers.

News just in.
Sapiens is damaged goods and can't be held accountable for his actions.

Can you believe this stuff ? Just when I thought I'd seen it all the elevator of insanity crashes down another 12 floors.

I'd have that guy executed in a heart beat, then again I'm not a homo-sap.

Thanks for the photos of the Amuds, the article has a photo of the guy who killed them, at least now we know what our ancient foe looks like.