Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camille Paglia On Western Civilization Performing A Kevorkian On Itself

Really worth reading.

All the evidence of the past 5000 years points to a society which has annihilated itself from the inside like so many before it. As before the majority of the population is completely unaware that it is being hoisted by its own petard. The same euphoric obliviousness is seen in all declining civilizations and it grows frantic at the end in terms of sheer desperate rage to avoid thinking in favor of platitudes and pleasant sounding ambiguity.


Moe! said...

Smart gal, good article.


The Observer said...

Careful, Tex. Feel free to use Pagilla's words to beat on leftists, but she isn't one of us, not by a long shot.

olebob said...

U.S. politicians urged: Just quit now!
Military men say time for new George Washingtons to take over

Publius said...

Whether you agree with her or not, Camille Paglia is an insightful thinker, and a real intellectual. She does not hate men, despite sexual orientation.

Isn't it a good mental trait to be able to read authors with whom one doesn't necessarily agree, and learn what is worth learning from them?

Paglia is hated by mainstream feminists and liberals, because she values both traditional masculinity and femininity... she sees through a lot of libera/progressive/PC lies.

Texas Arcane said...


Ditto all.

samhuih said...

I read Paglia first book and was not impressed. It seemed to me to be a little scattered. Maybe I read it wrong and no theme was implied. It's refreshing as a Male not to be automatically considered evil by one of the intelligentsia. I do like Her viewpoint. That Liberals be left alone to their views while not demanding obedience to liberal views throughout all society. I could live with that.

hitfan said...

This is nothing new for Paglia, she's been saying this stuff for years. But it's interesting to read her stuff.

There is a small cadre of hedonists/liberals/atheists who are intellectually honest enough to understand that conservatism is needed to uphold the infrastructure of society. The fabulous Sex and the City lifestyle needs the brick and mortar built by men as well as the tax base and social organization that Western Civilization can only provide.

If too many conservatives throw up their hands and simply decide to become practical liberals themselves in terms of rational self interest, then there are too many takers and everything begins to unravel.

Society needs to provide positive incentives to get people to marry and produce children. By destroying marriage with feminism, one cannot blame young men who prefer to drop out and live in their parents' basement playing XBox all day.

Texas Arcane said...


Would involve rational thinking and liberals are insane people who are very good at concealing it. This is why they will never concede any of these points. Paglia seems to understand some of the problems we encounter over in reality world but that is a place that liberals never live in. They just keep yacking until the bitter end when the consequences of their ideas come home to roost.