Friday, December 6, 2013

Amazing Real World Averaging Yields Archetypes

It was pretty incredible for me to see this. For the past seven years I have only imagined these facial shapes in my mind. I have wanted to do something similar to this but my time always seems to contract according to my ambitions.

 This has been produced by averaging photos of people who self-identified for each of these genetic groups. In my opinion it is startlingly accurate. The most important thing is to pay attention to your gut feeling as you look at each face. Notice how deep your instincts run in terms of recognition? You know which is the master, which the servant, which is the ruler, which the slave. You can even identify the different orders of the ruling classes. Where on earth would you have acquired these instincts? Maybe because these races have been around a long, long time.

The next time some simpleton tries to portray the Caucasian as some monolithic entity race of people who are drawn from the same family, you can point out that the genetic differences between these groups of whites far exceeds the differences between many whites and blacks. The gulf there is enormous in terms of speciation.

When looking at the characteristic faces of the Owls and Serpents it brings to mind the demonstrable worship of both species of animals going back 70,000 years or more. Did people who belong to these cults not only interbreed with other members of their temples but also selected for mates resembling the statues they worshiped in those temples? Did melonhead families encourage their children to only pursue relationships with other devotees of the snake or the raptor bird? That would explain these facial types quite readily.

Exact same types represented in Asia : Ruling class, slaves, rodeo clowns. You have mostly the cold, soulless look you'd expect the descendants of Genghis Khan to display and right beside these people you can see men with deep souls and a certain emotional intensity in their faces that is not found in the majority at all.

I believe the two divisions of Cro-Magnons are easily explained. One of these races was primarily destined to push a plow and perform manual labor, the other was intended for martial actions and warfare. Both groups could be tasked to do either at various times but some of them come from genetic lines primarily engineered for one or the other. The ugliest and most vicious Cro-Magnon probably comes from the strain that was engineered to kill Neanderthals.The Alpine Melon would be the easiest to explain - Teutonic ruling classes who violated the caste system and interbred with their anglo-saxon slaves. The resulting melonhead is the closest to being a crossover species between the two castes. These often produce the melons you see in politics who are clearly motivated by some desire to help people even as they seek the power to do so.

A conclusion to draw from these faces is to ask yourself ... how good would these various races be at knowing their places and doing what was expected of them? The longer you think about it the more likely you are to conclude that the masters would know what to do, the slaves would know what to do ... it's that damn Neanderthal who is 99% likely to be the fly in the ointment. As the demon Humbaba said to Enkidu, they never quite understand their place in the scheme of things. They are natural born disruptors because of who and what they are. The master commands, the slave follows - what does the Neanderthal do in all of this? It would be so easy to get rid of them all except those rodeo clowns are so damned smart - they always seem to know how to fix things and solve the intractable problems that are a daily occurrence in any society. Just when you're ready to liquidate all of them it suddenly hits you ... you may need some of these guys. They are the only ones who ever really get any meaningful work done.

P.S. Somebody I was corresponding with about this post asked me to mention the strange incongruity that the three guys on the upper left all look a little bit milquetoast or much softer in comparison to the two guys on the far upper right. Nevertheless, the three guys in the upper left, despite how they may "look," would have greater upper and lower body strength than both the guys at upper right on average. It wouldn't just be physical strength, however. They'd also have stronger immune systems, more powerful stomach acids, thicker tendons and much greater tolerance for pain and extremes of temperature. Markedly so in most cases, in fact. The archaic 'Thal in particular would be a million times tougher for real than the "tough-looking" Cro-Magnon on the right. In fact, except for their warlike and fierce visage and constant passive-aggressive menacing personalities, the Cro-Magnon is a dog's breakfast of physiology who is not even comparable with the friendly looking, open faced 'Thals. There is fossil evidence that Neanderthals folded these guys to the sizes of shoeboxes with their bare hands. That's why the Cro-Magnon never got close to the Neanderthal and always attacked with at least 300+ people. The majority of the world's record holders for weightlifting always tend towards the Mousterian and the Archaic with the occasional Amud.

P.P.S. I was just thinking about how much trouble that Neanderthals tend to have in succeeding at something in life despite often being the most innovative, creative and intelligent of any of these species. I also thought about how the melonheads seem to succeed sooner or later almost inevitably.  They just know their way around the logistics and management of power structures from birth. The "big-eyed melon" made me think of Jeff Bezos starting from thin air. There are a million Neanderthals with the brains to have built and deployed but it was Bezos who  had the acumen to do it and make it succeed. It is all very interesting to me to think about.

P.P.P.S. Whereas the three tribes at the upper left all lived at the same times in the same places, (Koanic has called them "archaics," but I think of them as "Denisovians," and sometimes I think his term is better) there is almost no concrete evidence they ever fought with each other. Rather, consider these two facts … the Amud always seem to be wearing charm bracelets or jewellery made by Mousterians, almost like they regarded the Mousterians as elders. The Amud were moving closer to sea level and the plains whilst the Mousterians still seemed to hold the sacred sites at higher altitudes and visited regularly the growing camps of the Amud. The archaics found in the Iberian Peninsula lived to the very end and there is no evidence they were ever attacked by Mousterians or Amuds despite often using the same hunting ranges and fishing the same lakes. So now compare with the two assholes at the right side. As soon as they ran out of Neanderthals to kill they immediately began to fight each other and have been doing so for 40,000 years scarcely breaking for longer than a few years before they start a newer and bigger war. Since most of our "enemies" in the modern world are simply manufactured to create an excuse for another war we can safely assume that as Nietszche said, the good war hallows any cause with the Cro-Magnons. Okay, finally I want you to imagine you are somewhere in that second row around 100,000 years ago looking at three races of superhumans who get along like brothers, never fight and spend all their time making the world a better and better place. What would you do about that "problem?" Think about it.

P.P.P.S. The "Starchild" in the middle row at the far right? If I ventured a guess … the root ancestor of all four guys on the left mixed with various humans? The original melon heads, the Atlanteans, the progenitors? This is Koanic's wrinkle and I confess I have not thought much about this type - and clearly, he is a type. I don't know guys, because all I am is a good guesser and maybe have a few dim racial memories about all of this.

P.P.P.P.S. Why are the Neanderthals so much more expressive in their way? They come from tribes of around 12-80 people. There was no need to be guarded, passive-aggressive or conceal one's feelings and motivations. In a tribe like that of Cro-Magnons that can run into the thousands, one has to have a mask, not a face. In the modern era, one of the ways that Neanderthals try desperately to fit in is that from a young age they try to turn their face into an emotionless, blank slate. This only makes them more disturbing. Cro-Magnons can still see the open quality of their personalities compared to their own guarded and ambiguous faces and the Neanderthal only gets himself more contempt by trying to make his face look like theirs. When two Neanderthals passed each other for a million years, why would they need anything more in their faces than a reassuring, genuinely friendly and benevolent look? It would be critical to their survival. One sees this in primate compounds amongst bonobos, where one chimp looks around and is met by a sea of smiles and kind loving glances. They grow up in these environments where faces are used to convey love, support and security. Imagine taking one of these genetically superior organisms and throwing them into a society of millions of chattering, facile, ingenuous and insincere apes who never mean what they say and often display faces that represent the opposite of what they are feeling. A horrible situation for the Neanderthals. No wonder they have such a high suicide rate, is it so difficult to see why?


live and learn said...

live and learn said...

Neanderthals had variable skin color. I also heard that asians have a higher higher percentage of neanderthal genes than europeans.

Melonhead said...

To whomever made this - good job!

File me in "Alpinized Melon"; and, that actually matches my family history as well.

As far as impressions go - all of the Neanderthals look like they would be fun to go on adventures with. The rest of the melons look like they would be dangerous, but fun to play games against. The Alpinized Melon looks like family; so, I kind of want to talk with him about the weather and how his kids are and if he's had any luck hunting this year.

I think Tex's theory about the Alpinized Melons makes sense. Let's say you're a Harry and not a William - you're never really going to be king. What do you do? Go have adventures! You'll probably want to take a few Neanderthal guys with you to help with whatever problems you'll encounter, and some cro's to help with all the work you'll have to do. Who do you marry since all the princesses are chasing the William's? Probably the daughter of your Neanderthal first officer or one of your other crew members - hence the occasional out of caste cross-breeding.

I hereby predict that if gave them the right tools, a team lead by an AlpMel with half a dozen mixed-variety Neanderthals and few dozen cro's could establish a functioning lunar colony that would be running a trade surplus within 5 years. I would have the colony's guards be the anti-socials lead by a sergeant-at-arms who was a robust thal.

Wyqtor said...

Can we get something similar for the girls? Being able to identify the 'Thal chicks would be invaluable in a world filled with harpy melonhead feminists and vapid, flakey sapient drama queens.

Wyqtor said...

Can we get something similar for the girls? These days, recognizing which is the 'Thal chick and which is the harpy melonhead feminist, or the vapid, flaky, drama-queen sapient would be quite invaluable.

Red Rhino said...

What is striking is the same pattern of asymmetry in most of the races, except for the gen. population both asian and cro-magnon. Look at all of the second row pictures, the right jaw angle sits lower than the left side, which curves more and appears to have less of an angle when viewed from the front. This is least pronounced in the alpinized melon. The Neanderthals and Cro-Mags have much better symmetry.

Red Rhino said...

What is striking is the same pattern of asymmetry in most of the races, except for the gen. population both asian and cro-magnon. Look at all of the second row pictures, the right jaw angle sits lower than the left side, which curves more and appears to have less of an angle when viewed from the front. This is least pronounced in the alpinized melon. The Neanderthals and Cro-Mags have much better symmetry.

Unknown said...

Mr T

What "type' would you think 'Thals to be on a Meyer-Briggs ? INTJ ?

Grognard said...

The snake melon and bigeye melon look like they cbelong in hell. I would not trust a word someone said if they had such a look.

I can't tell if I am closer to archaic thal or owl melonhead. I have very narrow mouth but wide jaw and cheekbones and generally quite robust so not sure how that fits in.

Some dude said...

I'd think "hey, maybe we can work together and do something good."

Not joking, this is really what I would think. Also, a friend typed me as fro mag, so I guess I don't know what a melon would think.

Some dude said...

Cro mag, not fro mag.

Ave said...

Wyqtor : check out this girl's videos, and you'll recognize Thal brilliance.

Also, the very melodious voice is a a giveaway (re: harpy feminists) : notice here how she turns something quite theoritical into something pleasant just by speaking :

And this is what she looks like :

Ave said...

Texas Arcane wrote : "There are a million Neanderthals with the brains to have built and deployed but it was Bezos who had the acumen to do it and make it succeed."

I think part of the answer to that is in "Melonhead" 's reply, when he's refering to the British royal family : basically these people are playing at being gods.

Thals know very well the kind of environment Bezos creates : he works there and keeps the place together. You of all people, Tex, told us all there is to know about it.

Thals also know this is not the real life. Money can only get you trinkets, and "power" only gives you ownership of yet another beehive : you don't control the individual and othen moronic actions that go on in there, you just harvest the honey and from time to time make seemingly Very Powerfull Things like moving the queen bee (=egg-producing specialized element, not the real queen...) to an empty beehive. Ooh. Aah.

From a Thal perspective, Bezos is spending his life in meeting rooms (luxury hotels are just elaborate meeting rooms, as well as any religious structure he visits).

A Thal tinkering in his small workshop is exploring the Universe.

Bezos plays God, Thal knows he's not God and thus is allowed to have a peek at the Creation.

BTW, this is why Melonheads are genuinely afraid of Thals.

As for the Esau & Jacob analogy, have you thought that it might never have never Esau's plan to micromanage his father's tribe in the first place ? Esau was a hunter, married two women from abroad, and also moved to another place when he was done. Jacob married the daughters of his uncle (his cousines), this is what we nowadays call interbreeding. Yuck.

See who the wiser man was ? Of course, Jacob had to brag about how good a "swindler" he was, and that the (shitty) situation he inherited was through his own cunning plan.

Of course people are in awe when looking at Bezos, but deep in the heart of it, if you were dying and had to choose a person to raise your children, you would never hand them to Bezos, and would choose that weird STEM nerdy girl in the videos I posted before.

This is all we need to know.

Ave said...

INbreeding (sorry for the couple typos, I was in a hurry)

Texas Arcane said...


I don't think Jeff Bezos is more than an executive, either. You can't help but marvel at that divide between the 'Thal who could also build such a site but Bezos could turn it into such a fantastic success. The reason I was thinking about it is that it seems to be key to 'Thal liberation to discover how this can happen for a Neanderthal without turning into a Jeff Bezos.

Averaged out over time, the bastard always tends to have the advantage in most situations. Other than that he doesn't appear to have that much going for him. Where a more honest man would proceed and hope their talent was enough, the melons seem to work the edges of the system that are semi-lawful and cut down on much of their overhead, guaranteeing their eventual success. We call them "successes" because they are not arrested and eventually benefit so much from bending the rules they become untouchable.

I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Ave said...

Texas, indeed I see what you mean.

It's kind of like : Melonhead sees a Thal making a good technological product, let's call it McDOS, steals it from him, and have comprehensive backup from other Melonheads who want to use it as a tool of control over the beehive.

The Thal cannot act against it, because Melonheads possess all the other tools of control, like justice, the media etc, including the Thal's own McDOS now.

Of course, Melonheads know how to turn McDOS into an industry standard (to which everybody must submit) and creates huge beehive structures to implement this.

If the Melonhead is good, he will give small increments of McDOS (McDOS 3.11 etc.), if he's not that good he will end up with a crappy knockoff of the thing (iBING ?) that will still be a standard do to overhyping and general beehive management.

Perhaps Melonheads are only able to create hierarchical pyramids ("beehives"), with whatever Thals invents (Bronze, Pottery, Nuclear Fission).

One crucial question is to know whether Melonheads compete against each other or if there is some kind of central coordination (not "common values", but real coordination).

As for Thals, the answer is easy, and so much more comforting : they aren't run by anybody, but indeed naturally share a common behaviour.

Out of curiosity, have you read Catch-22 ? There is a stunning description of a Thal personality with the protagonist Orr ( )

he's the one who manages to escape the beehive / rat race / madness.

samhuih said...

I think Vihart is Jewish. Look at her video that Ave posted. Another picture.
Now Tex is not going to like this. May not even approve this post but look at this and see if you don't see similarities in the facial structure of Victoria Hart, commonly known as Vi Hart and Khwit.

Khwit was known to be musically and mathematically inclined. Khwit was an offspring of (neandethal?,bigfoot?,or ? and Human.

Here's where it gets really bad. Look at Eric Hufschmid's Neanderthal page.

If you look at Hufschmid 1st Neanderthal page it shows a lot of non-Jews but as you go through the pages you see more and more Jews.

Are Jews Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal Hybrids or Cro-Magnon/Bigfoot Hybrids? Is that why they hate Cro-Magnon so much?

I have no idea if any of this makes sense but I can't get over Khwits Jewish look combined with his talent for music and mathematics. If you look at pictures of Eastern European Jews in the ghettos they seem to favor Khwit. It continues to bother me. Possible my ideas are wrong but something is important is there.

Chunkations said...

Amazon was heavily marketed from the beginnings of the internet. They had ads on sites going back to at least '96.

Texas Arcane said...


Ashkenaz is, without question, Mousterian-Melonhead hybrid. I have suggested previously that when the last Melonheads were driven from power (specifically overturned in Sumeria/Akkadia and forced to become gypsies) that they interbred with their ancient bodyguards on the road. (Mousterian rejects going back a 100,000+ years.)

The Sephardic/Hebrew are almost certainly Mousterians of different varieties trying to survive as an intact breeding group.

This is supported by history, mythology and DNA. Sephardics have barely interbred with Askenaz and are heavily discriminated against by them wherever the Ashkenaz have the upper hand. The place of Sephardics in Israel is hardly better than that of blacks in the 1920s in the United States, except Sephardics do nearly all the mechanical and technical work in Israel.

Texas Arcane said...


They hate him because they believe he is a non-human they manufactured as their slave. This is a deep, compelling biological instinct and it will never change. Looking at them, can you blame them? I am not certain who is right here? Can you explain their Jedi mind tricks they perform so easily any other way? They snap their fingers and Homo Saps walks off cliffs like zombies. How else could they possibly do that if they were not melonheads? "These are not the droids you are seeking." "The causes of the GFC are not to be found here. Now write my bank a check to pay off my losses." They command, Saps obeys. I think there is a history there.

Texas Arcane said...


The Amud/Basque strains are the source of everything we call human progress in Europe and much that is attributed to "Europeans" always finds its origins in the Amud/Basque. This strain appears to be drawn from a far different genotype than the other 80% of the Western nations.

Texas Arcane said...


By the way, conventional orthodoxy is on the verge now of conceding that what we have been calling "Celtics" are in fact "Amud/Basque" peoples, just like they are almost ready to admit that "Solutreans/Clovis" people are in fact, Neanderthals.

Publius said...

@Texas Arcane:
I strongly self-identity with the neanderthal meme here. I know little about it, though.
I am of Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish descent. I have extreme trouble fitting into hierarchies: I've been told I am anti-authoritarian. I am considered overly paranoid by my wife, for not trusting government, etc. I tend to stockpile stuff, grow a garden. I have started to hunt again, after decades. I felt a sense of remorse upon shooting the deer, but felt it was a spiritual experience, and not wrong. I've been a tinkerer since youth.

I recently got off fluoride, and have miraculously gotten rid of much of my depression and mental fog. I was probably permanently damaged by it, but believe I will be of value to my wife, child, and family.

Could you help me determine where I fit in, within the whole neanderthal scheme? I know you are busy, we are all busy, but I feel that time is running short, and any advice, help, and info I can get would be much appreciated.

From a probable 'thal in from the cold.
Keep up the good work.

Texas Arcane said...


It sounds like your instincts are working pretty good to me.

They told you fluoride was bad stuff.

They tell you to prepare for an uncertain future with the welfare of your loved ones in mind.

You respect animals enough that even when you kill them for food you feel for them.

You are a tinkerer who likes to make things work.

You sound like a pretty classic Neanderthal to me.

The truth is you fit in just fine to the overall scheme, if we're talking about planet earth. You were made to live here and to survive good and bad times. I think you may be far luckier than you realise. Imagine having no instincts that ever tell you anything other than to shut up and do as you are told.

You're like George Bailey. It really is a wonderful life even if you don't realise it now.

Always remember it could be far worse. You could have been born like a Homo Sapiens. Now that's rough. They really don't belong anywhere except pushing a plow or fighting other slaves on demand and have no inner light to guide them, ever.

Amy said...

Tex, you are a bearer of truth and I am thankful for all of the information you share with the world.

The Amud in the upper left corner looks like my brother - not like he could be my brother - he looks just like my real-life brother. I married a guy who looks like the archaic thal in the top row. For myself, I'd guess Amud too, I have features very similar to my brother.

But I realized a long time ago, from reading here and many of the resources to which you link, that I've got thalness in me. Like Publius, I don't fit into hierarchies well, prefer small groups, and have compassion in spades for the creatures with whom I share this earth, even though I eat them. We live off of venison most of the year; is it silly that I offer prayers of thanks that we have food, and that my husband is so ethical that he won't shoot unless he knows he will make a clean kill? That God provided the resource, and we try not to exploit it, and thanks that the animal was given up for our survival?

I get so sentimental about the daily act of eating sometimes I'm moved to tears at the wonder of the ecological web we're in. I'm confused that other people can't see that we are supposed to be shepherds of that web, not rapine savages, locusts bent on using it all up and moving on. God told us to fill the Earth and have dominion over it, a line atheists, etc. are happy to conveniently misinterpret to justify turning any simple industry into a resource-exploiting behemoth, only to leave off when the next big thing comes along.

Publius said...

@Texas Arcane:
You stated, "I think you may be far luckier than you realise. Imagine having no instincts that ever tell you anything other than to shut up and do as you are told."

You are right, I should feel fortunate that I was able to escape at least some of the shackles, while still young and healthy enough to act and perhaps thrive.

The health thing is interesting: I seem to look younger, and have healthier vital signs, than many people quite a bit younger. However, the agricultural diet takes a toll: now that the fluoride is gone, I need to make a huge effort to reform my diet. Venison, nuts, berries: no white flour. I know the ropes.

Regarding instincts and drive: I have never been able to motivate myself by money or power. I can find things like computers & programming, or boat-building or writing, interesting in and of themselves, but never for the idea that I might become wealthy or powerful or famous.

I've often felt bad about myself for not being as successful as I should have been. Ah well.

My new goal is to consolidate my mental and physical health, and eventually decamp for up north, where I will be able to connect more to the land, simple living, and self-sufficiency, among people who also value that.

I have to admit: the city is starting to give me the creeps. We are seeing a lot of upticks in crime, and this is BEFORE the coming collapse of our debt and fraud addled economy. I think I should get out before I am forced to defend my family with force... why fight unnecessarily, especially since the city doesn't really offer the freedom, peace, and connection to the natural world that I crave.

Question #1: what is the risk level for staying in the city over the next 2 years? I work for a software company, and won't be fully vested in the stock options for a number of additional years. But $ ain't everything!

Question #2: is there any utility in finding out what "type" of neanderthal I most closely am related to, etc.? I did a bit of research last night and discovered the Koanic Soul web site, and an offer of "free typing."

Texas Arcane said...

Believe it or not, Amy, all this intimate respect for animals actually makes excellent sense in terms of biological game theory. If a hunting reserve is limited in what it can produce each year for total yields and you reluctantly take one or two deer a year to provide just for your needs, you are actively in balance with that environment and practicing wise conservation.

If you go in and shoot every deer you can hit in one year because you feel nothing for them, what will you eat next year? I think this is the origin of the deep feelings that Neanderthals have for animals, it is part of the balance required to sustain life for very long periods of time.

Some people have asked, what good does it do a race of herders if they have a tendency to fall in love with their animals as they grow up? It contributes to extremely good resource management. If you have to wait until the animal is full grown and mature before you harvest it you are practicing great efficiency in caloric intakes. If the private farm was run like a corporate farm they would not last a year. Neanderthals lasted hundreds of thousands of years with these innate habits and there is no arguing with success.

Grognard said...

It's interesting to me that in the asian world animals are given no respect. In the african world dogs are hated and feared. It seems obvious neanderthals domesticated dogs (and probably all animals originally) and the rest of the world had a short sited consumptive view towards them.

Which becomes ever more common. Note that in most of eurasia this was the attitude once as well but it has massively declined as outside mixture occured. It's like this is truly an innate neanderthal attribute.

PS do you have any info on these 'owl' melonheads? I could not find any info through that koanic guy's blog or forum.

deadman said...

With the exception of the 'Owl Melon', is that second row a certain biological branch, or the United States Congress?

The 'Melon's' appear to look so much like politicians, its uncanny.

As for - 'Cro-Magnon (Antisocial)', he looks like your typical belligerent Army grunt...

As for me, looks like I'm a 'Amud Neo.' / 'Owl Melon' mix.

I can also relate highly to Tex's account of the Neanderthal mindset & behaviour.
Although I do have Dutch nobility in my family tree as well...

- deadman.

Ave said...

@Grognard and other people interested about the "sea dog" idea :

Back in 1978, dolphins guide a boat through treacherous rocks.

samhuih said...

Mousterian-Melonhead hybrid

I get it. Strange I found this post the next day after I posted the "Jews may be Neanderthals". I'm not the only one to have noticed this. If they would change to Mousterian-Melonhead hybrid they would have it.

I've never understood how the Jews can bamboozle everyone. I believe that the 9/11 attack and specifically building #7 falling will be their down fall. Already, even with no media coverage, better than 50% of Americans don't believe the Gov. fairy tail.

Bill optima said...

Of course the "pig-fuck-chimp" theory is garbage. It's pretty obvious there was an aquatic or semi-aquatic stage in our evolution. For some reason no one wants to admit it.

Bill optima said...

Of course the "pig-fuck-chimp" theory is garbage. It's pretty obvious there was an aquatic or semi-aquatic stage in our evolution. For some reason no one wants to admit it.

Amy said...

Publius, Grognard,

I find Koanic (Joseph) incredibly difficult to follow. He references concepts he's been writing about for some time so a lot of reading is necessary. He also uses a lot of abbreviations and acronyms that might need clarification.

Personally I'm not sure it's necessary to get "typed." Follow your gut, it never leads you astray.

And Publius, get out of the city. It's healthier out here in the country. Don't know where you are in the world but I've never been comfortable in a city or in an office building, and like you often thought I should be more of a success than I am. Now I measure success by the placidity and efficiency with which I've lived my day, and how loving I am towards my own.

Texas Arcane said...


"Nephilim" means the same thing used in three different ancient languages:

1. Those who stand as watchers over the slaves and guard the rulers.

2. The corrupted ones who were shunned by their own kind. Literally, "rejects from their own tribe."

3. Those who are so strong they can fell a tree with a single blow, in Sanskrit sometimes translated as "blue-eyed breakers of bones." Nephilim also often is found with "blue-eyed and strong."

Publius said...

Thanks for the advice.
I will take it to heart- my heart has told me that we need to make the transition.
Nothing important in life is easy!

Where are we? In the northern midwest. It is considerably more stable here socially than much of the USA, but there is a dependent underclass here, like everywhere, that would become desperate fast if the gov't stopped providing support. In a way, because people are used to living in what Bloomberg found to be the "least miserable state," they may be less able to handle adversity, disaster, or outright collapse.

I would miss the museums. Last weekend, I took my son to the big museum, and we pondered ancient Roman, Greek, and Asian art... and Impressionism, etc. A far better thing to do than watch TV or stare at a screen. The city does have cultural resources that just can't be found elsewhere.

We can always make special field trips back to the museums, though, post move...

The lack of community here is what bothers me most, I think. I have a few good neighbors, but in general, humans are isolated, and find deep interaction with neighbors to be annoying.

I will keep you guys updated!

Publius said...

@Texas Arcane:
Could you explain further on the relation of "nephilim" to modern human types, or neanderthals, etc.?

Who were these guards for the masters, blue-eyed rejects?

I like your pps to this post about openness, clear-eyedness, etc.
I've been accused of being too-open, too emotional, honest etc. I have trouble consciously fighting my open, trusting nature... I'm not an idiot, so I can control it when necessary.

I've become hypersensitive to those who I intuitively feel are sociopaths.. My last "boss", for example, has a rigid, rictus-like face. He was always watching, criticizing, using fear to keep his underlings performing to make him look good. Yet he really had no particular tech knowledge or skill, other than at manipulating people. I couldn't take it. Now at least I'm hanging out with the engineers/programmers. Much nicer people!

Texas Arcane said...


Neanderthals practiced eugenics. They sent males who did not meet with female approval on a long walk they were not permitted to return from.

The third hominid, builders of monolithic structures all over the planet, had a need for a class of sentries and bodyguards to enforce their will on their slaves, as rulers have done since time immemorial to establish distance between the elites and those they rule over.

The Neanderthal rejects may have not been perfect to the tribes that rejected them but to the melonheads they would have looked like the greatest employees they could possibly hope for. Antisocial, full of initiative, built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and combining elements of obedience and deferential qualities to dominant males that produced ideal behaviour for their interests.

The two races would have been a match made in heaven, one to command and the other to stand guard for hundreds of thousands of years. They are depicted on the walls of temples all over the world with the heads of crocodiles and jackals standing behind pharoahs and kings with their spears guarding them at their elbows at all times.