Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 : Mother of all False Flags Is Being Prepared

The government has been working towards it since the 'Baminator was installed in office.

You will live in interesting times. Sheeple, the ramp is off the back of the truck and they are playing the soothing classical music. Follow the cow in front of you when they start to move.


samhuih said...

It's hard to know what's going to happen. I read that a nuclear event at the Super bowl was cancelled due to people coming forward saying it was going to happen.
As for Douglass J. Hagmann he hangs out with Alex of infowars who is controlled opposition but that doesn't mean this isn't true. Reading the news these days is like reading Pravda back in the Soviet Union. A lot of times you can tell more by what they don't say than what they say. Even worse now they have controlled opposition to say what they won't say. Very confusing. Store water and food.

My guess is they will nuke a large group of people then collapse the economy.

Some dude said...

Don't you mean, "follow the cow in front of you, when they start to MOOOOOOve"


I wouldn't blame you if you preeminently banned me just for that alone