Saturday, November 30, 2013

When Does Fred Hoyle Get His Nobel Prize for Panspermia?

Hoyle was right.

All the orthodoxy was wrong. When you discover how easy it was to demonstrate you will never again revere people who crave authority and infallibility. It is the craven wretch who climbs high in the declining society in all the professions, including science.

When you start to understand what the real universe is like, you will realize how wonderful it really is. It is awe-inspiring and so big and so old it cannot be fathomed. Life is seeded throughout the cosmos which is infinite and unbounded by anything anywhere including time.

The mainstream acts as if they can comprehend life because somebody else invented an electron scanning microscope. They think they understand it. The truth is that nobody anywhere can understand it. Tampering with it is identical to letting a chimpanzee pull parts off a truck engine. Life is so much more than merely a higher organization of matter. It is magical, miraculous, stupendous and a certain sign that the creator is something we can appreciate but none of us will ever fully know. Whoever and whatever the supreme being is we can say with certainty that our minds are too tiny to ever describe him with much accuracy.


Lugh said...

A Theological question. Is the Big Bang incompatible with your idea of God? And if so, why?

Texas Arcane said...


The Big Bang is a fairly recent kosher invention that never made much sense outside of a local phenomenon. For the past 150 years it did not occur to reasonable Christians the universe was finite.

All of these things seem credible to you because from the time you were born you have been saturated with it as the only acceptable conclusion. I remember when the Big Bang was announced on the cover of TIME, shortly before global warming. It is actually fairly recent gibberish injected by media clowns and handlers. It was never even codified as an ideology very well despite Carl Sagan's gay christmas ball ship flitting around spewing out proclamations to that effect. All of it was under attack as soon as it appeared because it did not have any evidence to support it.

Whatever red shift means it isn't a useful cosmological constant at all.

samhuih said...

Ill throw this out there. There's a system of physics that explains every thing from atoms to astronomy. I found out about it wandering through the University book stacks one night. It's by Dewey Larson. It's also a little strange but comports with what we see. Here's a short overview.,%20Jameela%29.pdf

Here's some work added to Larson's theory after he died. Fleshing out numbers. The start is VERY simple. The whole system is much less math oriented than what you're used to.




Astronomy. It just gets really bizarre here. Yet it does seem to show the universe as it is. One thing that interested me was he proposes a lifetime for all matter which eventually absorbs particles then explodes. This fits rather well with the asteroid belt and it place where bodes law says a planet should be.(If I remember correctly)

Space Time Units

Another thing that impressed me. I took physics but only Univ. 101 and 102. The single slit dual slit light experiment troubled me greatly. I thought and thought about it but could never could intuitively get my head around it. Yes I accept it but it's not the same as say an electric motor. Of course I'm not the only one. Dewey had an explanation for the two split experiment that made intuitive sense. Had to read it about 20 times but eventually I got it. Of course now I can't remember what it was or which book.

PDF Archive has more papers and books. Lot more nitty gritty.

Ahh. Found one of what I was looking for on the archive page.,%20Dewey%20B%29.pdf

Some of this theory has been added to after Dewey died.

Dewey may be wrong but it some ways I don't believe he's as wrong as some of what we have today. Yes a lot of stuff works but some seems ridiculous to me. Especially astronomical theories. The Sun for example being hotter on the outside than the inside. Please. As another weird aside with the new telescopes they have watching the Sun now people have been observing new stuff. One guy saw what appeared to be a large mass in a sunspot(like a mountain) that was there on the next pass almost exactly the same shape. He posits that it's slag like welding slag and the slag electrically isolates different areas of the Sun. When enough charge builds up it arcs, making the outside hotter.

Anyways I'm certainly not a physicist but I've read quite a few books on physics and a lot of it seems to be so much gibberish. They poke at things then jam a bunch of equations on a board to explain the interaction but there's no "understanding" that I can see. Of course I'm probably not be fit to judge. I'm an idiot but I'm not a complete idiot. Surely they can come up with something a little more descriptive than tensor equations.

I just thought of another illustration. (I'm afraid I'm getting nasty, please forgive me). Modern physics is like the Winchester house. The basic structure built on to and built on to. Stairwells that lead to nowhere.

samhuih said...

Forgot something. I'm so old I remember Time forecasting Global Cooling. When I was in elementary school they said that all the dust thrown up in the atmosphere by HUMANS industry was going to trigger an ice age. I remember an illustration of New York city covered by a mile of ice. It scared me when I was a little kid.

marlon said...


There is a fellow called Bill Gaede (check YouTube for his channel etc.) who has some more interesting thoughts on Physics. Certainly more intelligent and intelligible than the math magic touted today.