Monday, November 11, 2013

Unprecedented, Undeniable Apocalyptic Changes To Solar Output

Read this article. It is full of mainstream orthodox scientific hardliners rehashing things we said ten years ago on this site.

Convinced yet? Vault-Co and Robert Felix were right. Everybody else was mostly wrong, about everything.

I have a clinically tested IQ of 183. My mind is very good at sorting through huge swaths of information which can only leave ordinary people baffled and unable to distinguish anything but the interpretation of the data given them by authority figures. My mind is better. It runs faster, cleaner, cooler and more accurately.

Everything is relative. I'm not trying to rub it in. I'm telling you that 12 years ago I developed a very active curiosity about this subject, read everything on it and the only person I found that I thought was focused on the information, not what humans said about the information, was Robert Felix. I'm not running a cult of personality about Felix or for myself. I'm telling you I read everybody else and almost all of them were full of sh*t, they couldn't see the truth even when it was under their noses. The only person I read that I knew wasn't faking it was Felix. He was also the only person I read that I guessed had studied this subject more carefully than I had. All the degrees and references and testimonials didn't impress me. Robert Felix educated me more on the way the whole system works than any other author I had ever read. I thought that his first book was incredible but his second was so transcendental he should've gotten a Nobel prize for it.

The Holocene is over. We are entering a Grand Minimum. I said it 12 years ago and have not changed my mind once in that entire time. If new information becomes available maybe I will change my estimation of the severity of the coming Ice Age.

Check out the little blurb about how this may ameliorate the effects of "global warming." I'm stuck on this planet until the mothership comes back and these are the kinds of intellects I have to share the surface with. "May help alleviate the effects of global warming." This is what these people actually believe. People wonder why I think I am brighter than these clowns. I don't think I am brighter. I am brighter. However, look at the competition I have. It is exactly like winning a gold medal at the special olympics. It doesn't prove you are not retarded. It just proves you beat the other retards.


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I've read both Robert Felix's books. One thing I don't understand is the electrical/lightning or whatever it is that's supposed to be burning all these holes in the ground. I know there is a very high voltage difference based on height above the ground(30 volts per foot). I understand lightening comes from voltage breaking down the atmosphere and the current from collected charges. Do you thing the voltage difference will increase greatly leading to much atmospheric resistance break down? Where's the extra charge coming from to cause these massive lightening strokes? You got any idea how long that will last? Maybe the Earth's magnetic field when changing direction will be trapped in the Earth's core like the iron core of a solenoid. Then when the change stops the core will release all the energy stored. Just like a spark system in cars release energy into spark plugs. The difference being we're in the cylinder an unpleasant place to be. I hope that if I'm around the electrical portion doesn't take too long. I don't have spare oxygen. I wish I had one of these cool things.

I'm also not so sure about what exactly causes the Earth's field to change. For that matter the Sun polarity change is a mystery to me and even more so why doesn't the Earth's field change with the Sun's?
Of course it could be a hundred or more years before this happens. Could be tomorrow. Wish I knew a surefire "this is it sign". I need to reread the books again.

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For the phrenology folder :

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Ignatius Donnelly wrote a good book about an asteroid causing the Ice Age . Its called Ragnarok.
The book is over 100 years old.