Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everything Is A-Okay In Kwanstainia

Sears is where nice affluent middle-class families used to shop. Since there are no more of those in the 'Stain, Sears is going out of business with its stock plummeting like a stone.


styrac said...

Russell said...

I agree with your overall point, but Sears sucks.

I went in one five years ago for some things. Huge store, stacked with goods, dimly lit, nary a soul and didn't have a dang thing I was looking for.

The sales staff was surly and unable to do anything useful.

So I went home, found a few items on Amazon, the rest at Home Depot.

Of course, this could be a result of the lack of middle-class families, but it sure didn't want me to go back.

It's too bad, I like the Craftsman line of tools for home DIY projects.

Some dude said...

It's clear we are headed for an economic collapse, but I don't think this instance is a sign of that. Sears started as a mail order catalog, and then moved into departments stores, they are being taken down by another variant of mail-order - Amazon and out maneuvered by more specialized department stores like Home Depot.

It looks like this is just a case of death by old age.