Friday, November 1, 2013

Empire Of The Preverts

Jimmy Savile was the spearhead of a huge degenerate aristocracy ruling over Britain

Britain's children were their playthings

Sh*t like this doesn't happen on business premises in a vacuum.

There would at a minimum be dozens if not hundreds of people aware of what was going on. Seeing 12 year old girls going into a man's office after dark or being put in the back of a limo doesn't occur without witnesses, especially when it happens thousands of times. There was a silent majority working at the BBC, those moral paragons, who knew perfectly well what was going on. They valued their jobs much more than the lives of the peasants children. Sickly, unsound weaklings and fools. Easy to see why they'd be attracted to scumbag low-hanging fruit professions in entertainment and journalism.

If you read these accounts carefully you will understand why Homo Sapiens sexuality is so utterly busted, as if it ever worked. Runts of the litter like Savile, who would not make a good warrior, a good provider, a good mate or a good father run a sort of spoils system and have been doing so for 40,000 years. The way that Saps sexuality works assuredly promotes the survival of the weakest, most unfit and most damaged at the expense of the better. It is also the reason that Saps could never have produced what little brain mass he has as a result of that kind of breeding selection.


samhuih said...

"...Homo Sapiens sexuality is so utterly busted, as if it ever worked..."

I believe you're making a mistake. You keep blaming Homo Sapiens for all the worlds problems. The real culprits are a sub-species of Homo Sapiens, Psychopaths. Many of the Kings and Knights were psychopaths. That's how they got there. No empathy or fear makes it a lot easier to conquer others. You can see this in the Jews and the Royalties ancestors. That's why they seem to be so involved with pedophile rings.

Some dude said...

"Girls, some as young as 13, he said, used to queue up outside his studio to offer him sexual favours. ‘Well, of course, I didn’t ask for ID,’ he said.
‘All they wanted me to do was to abuse them sexually which, of course I was only too happy to do.
‘It was the glamour of the job . . . but frustratingly, American girls of that period — as they do now, actually — had this strange notion of virginity as a tangible thing which you surrendered to your husband on your wedding night"

Its really a damn shame. Its such an awful waste. Forget about the pedo ring, most people know what the wreckage of women look like today. Its as if the entire gender was mentally raped sometime in the past 40 years. S now we have heavy bisexuality, perversions, sluts. At this point a man is lucky of his wife has had fewer than three or four partners.

Basically the men have been mentally broken to accept this as a good thing, theyve been tricked with promises of free sex and intimidated by "authority" to go along with something they should have picked up shotguns and started a revolt over.

Just a sad sick shame.