Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Use Your Imagination To Conceive of The Size Of The Pervert Cabal In Britain

This guy was just the driver.

Who they gonna bust next? The gardener? The pool boy? The milkman?

Small fry.

If this is the best they can do after all this time, how soon do you think you will see royals in handcuffs being charged or senior politicians? Don't hold your breath. "Never" is most likely.

They are just cooking up some shrimp to make the sheeple think they did something about all of it. Throwing some minor players to the wolves to give the impression their investigation paid off.

I can assure you, 99.99999999% of their "evidence" was burned in a barrel out back of the police station after a direct government request to do so.

The only man who ever did a thorough investigation in Britain then acted on his findings was Guy Fawkes. The rest of them are candy ass weaklings who would sell their mothers for a sports jersey and a case of beer.

The reason the internationalist agenda has sailed through Parliament so easily over the past forty years after WW2 is that they packed the legislation with preverted baby rapers who had no options but to do as they were told or risk exposure.

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samhuih said...

This is just a small part. It's world wide and it's why our countries suck so bad. Want more info?

Uncle Jimmy took me to his sick parties: Nephew tells how his childhood was stolen at 13

Explosive tell all book by Jimmy Savile's nephew

Beyond the Dutroux Affair
The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks

Belgium's X Files: Dutroux Affair Uncovered Pedophile Networks

Marc Dutroux: The Monster of Belgium

The Franklin Cover-Up


Many links here.

This last link has a fixation with the Pope. Not that it's wrong but I believe that it's a Jewish website to blame all pedo activities on Whites, princes and the pope. It's my belief that while they may very well be into all this the nexus of all this activity is mossad and the Jewish state.

Paedophilia and Child Sacrifice

Lots more if you look for them. I think it's the new world orders weakest point. Where they're able to attacked easiest. If citizens would watch these people they could track them all.