Saturday, October 19, 2013

U.S. Reaches Parity With Hair Gel on The Bell Curve

It's true. Skidmarks in underwear score higher on tests of average intelligence. Koko the Sign Language Gorilla is studying for her doctorate in nuclear physics and she will get it if this keeps up.

Wait, Australia is identical? Whoodathunkit? Me, for about the past twenty years. It shows in the eyes. You can't hide it.


styrac said...

styrac said...

Canada endorses infanticide as an acceptable practice not worthy of punishment:

Amy said...

Styrac, it's only a matter of time before post-natal abortion is practically legal. Until, say, kindergarten age, or maybe later. After all, a person is not fully formed until adulthood, right, and therefore we can end his life at any time before he becomes a properly productive parrot-cog in society. I was told, once, by a former colleague, that my horror at the notion that we can abort a person after he is born was just right-wing vapors and flag-waving for a cause that was moot and going nowhere.

I weep. My Catholic heart, sustained by the body of Christ which makes my spirit and my material body like Him, weeps. This is not the world I want for my children.

As for Matthew Shepard, I've been led by the nose by media too many times to believe the bull any longer. I know people who don't like gays, or blacks, or Jews, or any number of protected classes. You know what they do? They just don't like them, don't associate with them. No one goes out of his way to make examples of gays or blacks or jews just "because." White hetero Christian men and women pretty much just want to keep to themselves, but are made the constant bogeyman of leftist fever dreams.