Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Mythology of Anthropology Is Falling Apart

One of many skulls establishing man as a creature much older than two million years.

Ignore the bizarre theories in the article about how the skull got there. These kinds of revisionism will turn out to be totally unfounded ten years from now and chances are the "scientists" themselves will concede they just added that part to make themselves seem more relevant.

The facts are :

They found a human skull in a cave that could be considered modern and it is likely at least 1.8 million years old. It looks a little like Abe Vigoda with a cleft palate.


Kgaard said...

Hi ... I read the story ... but what larger implications do you take away from this? I'm not following why it matters other than to say "people were around a long time ago." What is the subtext of your post?

olebob said...

Thought y'all might be interested in this. Its the best documentary I've seen on the subject, based on the quality of the witnesses.

I Know What I Saw - Full Length

I know Tex thinks aliens are BS, but I'm convinced, not all of the people claiming to see these objects are hoaxers.

Texas Arcane said...


There is no single thread of human species and no known origin for any of the human species that exist in the last million years except for Homo Sapiens.

They didn't find a Homo Sapiens ancestor ... they just found another human species.

When Vault-Co was first launched on the web, Lucy was supposed to be our predecessor 400,000 years ago in Africa. She has since turned out to be just another ape.

samhuih said...

My apologies but I still don't get it. The skulls found have half the brain case size as a present human so I don't see it as the same as a present human.

You've said before that melonheads engineered Cro-Magnon to attack the Neanderthals but I never seen you present any evidence by which I could ascertain that to be true.

I do believe that the study of melonheads is likely to greatly change our view of human evolution. I'm still not sure if they are not studied for nefarious reason or just that humans don't want to stick their necks out and say that these melonhead skulls are different.

You consider yourself to have a large amount of Neanderthal genetics and that this causes problems with Cro-Mags. I think this is very likely true. I have a large amount of the traits that many here and yourself have called Neanderthal but I don't consider myself neanderthal.
Neanderthals skeletons have a lot of fractures I've read. Could this be from game hunting or warfare? I'm afraid that you have idolized Neanderthals such as to make them little angels. I think it likely that Cro-Mags did attack, kill them and enslave the women as you say but that doesn't make them perfect nor every Cro-Mag evil.

samhuih said...

Forgot to add I don't believe in UFO's from other solar systems. I used to be somewhat sure and "The Disclosure Project" is what really convinced me that there was something to it. What changed my mind was 9-11. Someone told me that it was an inside job and I didn't believe them. I tried to prove him wrong. I couldn't. The proof is in the collapse of building #7. It's just impossible for fires to completely disintegrate steel beams so that a building can symmetrically fall for 108 feet at the acceleration rate of gravity. Meaning no support at all under the building to slow it's fall. From then on I realized that anything the Jews said should be treated with great suspect and "The Disclosure Project" is run by a Jew. It's probably another psy-ops they're running. Maybe a long term one that maybe some day they'll dust off to enslave everyone. They're mentally ill who knows why they do what they do. A for the UFO's seen by people. I believe they're real and they're Gov. projects. It's been commented on many times that in the 50's in the Aerospace magazines that gravity control could be tied in with electromagnetism. All of a sudden all such speculation in trade journals disappeared. I've read accounts form G. Harry Stine of the Dean reaction-less drive. He pushed on it and felt the reaction. If a mechanical model can be build then a much more sophisticated model can be built. Who knows what our controlled gov. has planned for us but it can't be good due to their past performance.

olebob said...

I have no opinion on what is in the craft, or where they come from. The only evidence we have are people reporting they have seen them.

The documentary I linked has a recording of airline pilots in different aircraft, coordinating with air traffic control to track an unidentified craft. Multiple aircraft got close enough for a visual sighting and the UFO was tracked on radar.

The UFO was sighted during daylight hours over the ocean near France. And get this, the UFO was reported as being one mile in diameter.

There are no machines of that size capable of flight. Even if machines as large as that could fly, the physical forces as we understand them, would tear the craft apart.

What is the simplest explanation?

olebob said...

"The Disclosure Project" is run by a Jew."

If you mean Paul Hellyer heading up the Disclosure Project, I didn't know he is Jewish until you mentioned it. But I did notice him trying to direct the Disclosure Project in a Communist Globalist direction and that made me suspicious of his motives.

They really think they are god's gift to the world don't they? That is why I think they can't help meddling. Its the same vanity and delusional thinking, that goes hand in hand with "American Exceptionalism".

Chris from Sydney said...

Samhuih,"that doesn't make them perfect nor every Cro-Mag evil."

Because 'some' Cro-mags were not evil therefore Cro-mag attacked the Thal's for not being entirely perfect.

Yeah man, she came onto me, Dave's a good guy, and he screwed her as well so therefore it was Ok what we did, because Dave's a good guy, dude besides there was only 15 of us and if those Thal girls were as great as we got told she should have been able to fight us off, the fact she didn't means she wanted it dude.....

Grognard said...

Sam it means that since all the fossils in eurasia are more advanced and humanlike than those in africa, the african ones are bunk.

It also means that the variation between skulls in eurasia is within human ranges.

They did not mention out of africa at all because it's career suicide at this point, but they basically said it's complete bullshit. There is no "human line" that sprung up magically in some mysterious location. The hammar et al paper also proves no one on human line was in south africa til about 100k years ago when they mixed with rhodiensiensis. Meaning that's that where humans evolved and there was no out of africa.

Though they make a case for multiregionalism (and one you can't really deny) the implication is there's no OoA. Only one of these ideas is correct, and really OoA was disproven when they found neanderthal admixture in humans, and doubly so when they found neadnerthals had the same speech genes as humans, proving they were entirely human.

Amy said...

Grognard, thanks, you said what I was going to say.

My study of paleoanthropology hasn't gone much beyond reading a handful of journal articles every few months. I just don't have the time to devote to scholarship as I once did, but finding that some in the academic community were giving tacit admission to the folly of OoA was a shock and a relief to me. To find H. erectus in areas outside of Africa, and H. neanderthalensis only in Central/Eastern Europe, the Levant, and areas of Asia but NOT in Africa made me question the rise of various subspecies of human/human ancestors as solely from Africa.
r, rather than God who made us.

samhuih said...

I've not clearly stated what I mean. I'm not defending "out of Africa". I do think it's likely that "out of Africa" millions of years ago could be very likely but I'm not inclined to believe it was as late as 50k ago.

I have no problems with multiregionalism. Maybe it my misunderstanding. I don't believe that humans a million years ago are what we would call humans today.

When I say Cro-Mags not evil I mean if Neanderthals had the power to kill off all the humans that would have been the outcome instead of the opposite. I think as Cleave has said speed and spear throwing ability sealed the fate of the Neanderthals. In warfare speed is of the essence. All great military commanders considered great throughout history have emphasized speed of maneuver.

On big UFO's, blimps are one answer. Another is anti-gravity or more likely a reaction-less force. With a reaction-less force you're not expelling air which like bow waves on boats lacks efficiency. You directly act on the (forces, inertia, whatever,?) of the universe. It would make sense that this would give you great gains in efficiency. The force, according to G. Harry Stine, from a dean drive was very strong with only a portable drill driving the apparatus.

samhuih said...

Forgot to add something. When I question things it's not in a na-na-na-na you're wrong I'm right snarky way. I'm just trying to get at the truth. Since you can't see emotions on a page and I'm not so good at conveying them in written form I just wanted to make it clear.

samhuih said...

Sorry I'm posting multiple post on this. My apologies. I just read a comment on an article about the skulls and learned a very important fact that I'd not heard before.

"...So Carelton Coon may have been right after all. To greatly simplify his argument, Coon theorized that modern human races evolved from geographically dispersed clades of Homo erectus and that the seperation of the main human racial groups must have occured much earlier than was suspected. One powerful piece of evidence was that modern human anatomists can readilt geo-locate Homo erectus skulls using the same morphological markers that are used to distinguish African, European and Asian skulls of modern humans. No one has yet satisfactorily explained this factoid within thge currently accepted theories of hominid evolution..."

I read Coons before I heard of Boas. Boas was of course another Jewish fraud. They litter academics from top to bottom.

Grognard said...

Unlike cleve I don't think thet got genocided up, it's more like they got washed out by endless immigration. Much like european americans but at a glacial scale compared to what's happening today.

olebob said...

Grognard said...

"Unlike cleve I don't think thet got genocided up, it's more like they got washed out by endless immigration. Much like european americans but at a glacial scale compared to what's happening today."

Cleve is right. In history, Genocide is not a rare occurrence, it is routine.

BTW the dictionary definition of Genocide is a Hollywood one and surprise, surprise, it is flat out wrong.

According to the letter of UN law, you cannot attempt to make entire groups disappear using violence or any other means, because obviously every genocidalist on the planet, would be looking for ways to get rid of groups they do not like, "legally".

However since like 90% of the people out there, you have been trained to believe in the Hollyweird definition, Google the phrase 'White Genocide South Africa' and look at the images.

The PC elite are also saying what is being done to the whites in South Africa is not Genocide either. Funny how they always say things like that, when the victims are white!