Friday, October 4, 2013

Scientists Concede They Completely Made Up Neanderthal Facial Features

It is amazing they can believe they have any credibility left on the subject. They don't. No reasonable person would continue to think they can speak with authority on this or any other topic.

They keep trying to gradually morph the Neanderthal models into what appear to simply be very handsome modern people with very good bone structure and deep-set eyes. They can't keep up with the internet which exposes these models as fabrications before they sufficiently amend their story.

I know what Neanderthals looked like. I have a mirror at home. There were four species of  Neanderthal in Europe alone and all of them looked remarkably different from one another. Did anybody ever bother before to point out this distinction for you? No? Ever wonder why?


Max said...

Could you please write something more about the different neanderthal varieties, what you know about them and where their remains have been found.

Jesse Bjorn said...

Why do you think they don't tell us? I've seen online plenty of evidence of alternate anthropology narratives. The video you recently posted regarding the Megaliths all over the world being one of them. I really would like to know what purpose lying about this stuff serves.

Texas Arcane said...



... and of course, the human "mimics" ...

The Amud.

These are just the varieties we know of, mind you. Most serious professors will tell you the genetic difference between the Mousterian and Amud is greater than the genetic difference between Mousterian and Sapiens. This in fact did not prevent Mousterian and Amud people getting along quite well according to the evidence - including considerable jewelry worn by Amuds manufactured by Mousterian people.

Texas Arcane said...


Just to whet your whistle, Neanderthals have now been discovered worldwide including South America and Iceland going back to 800,000 years constructing extremely long range boats from wood and animal skins. Homo Sapiens cannot be definitively pinpointed anywhere outside of Europe more than 60,000 years ago, when he apparently teleported into the south in overwhelming numbers from thin air. Melonhead death drone vats must have been churning 'em out a dozen at a time like puppy farms.

samhuih said...

More proof of hybrids.

Edward said...

You make them sound like <a href=">Orcs</a> or something. ;-)

I love that this stuff is so far outside of concensus reality, and yet so satisfying to use as a mental framework for what is actually going on in the world.

JeffreyJerpp said...

^Sapiens were not the only thing being churned out....gotta wonder how many other of our favorite animals are just custom creations.