Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peasant Deviates From Script, Yanked Off Floor

Reality speech not permitted inside of chambers

The fake standoff ended when the fake opposition capitulated completely and in fact gave up their future right to even pose as opposition, something which I thought they do not actually have the power to do. Maybe even the fake straw man opponents are tired of playing the good cop-bad cop dichotomy.

In future, even the appearance of options will be dismissed as irrelevant.

The last real political choice was the Whigs and that was 140 years ago. By the time they ginned up the First World War, even Woodrow Wilson admitted they had all the rubes in their back pocket and all the political parties on their payroll and a very short leash.


Amy said...

It hastens towards critical mass.

She was taken to a hospital for "evaluation." I suppose she will be convinced to go on medication for her own good. Psych meds = modern straight jackets.

Chunkations said...

She didn't say anything too profound, just saying she doesn't like division. Which is what the media has been saying for the past year at least.