Saturday, October 19, 2013

Only Einstein Can Have A Thicker Corpus Callosum

In Albert it was the reason "he was smarter" - but with Asperger Syndrome it is "brain damage."

Everybody has some grudge against the Neanderthal. It doesn't matter if they know it or not. It is deep wired into the innermost part of the brain of Sapiens. If you cut it out you'd probably stop their hearts, it is the reason for which they exist and is a fundamental part of their makeup that cannot be excised any more than you can take the "wet" out of water.

I can't keep up with all the cognitive dissonance any longer.


Ted Walther said...

I believe Einstein was not only a smart man. Many men are smart. He rose to prominence because he solved a problem that had bedevilled science for ages. The Michelson-Morley experiment proves that the earth is not moving. That is, it proves the Biblical geocentric model of the universe. Einstein finally found an explanation they could latch onto and stomp the Bible into the grave.

As for the atomic and radiocarbon ages of rocks, bones, artifacts, etc, there is a good answer to that. Barry Setterfield has shown that the speed of light has slowed in the past 300 years that we've been measuring it. Some atheist wrote a rebuttal that sounded pretty damning. On Barry's website he addressed that rebuttal and showed how dishonest the debunkers had been. So, if you want to talk about a universe billions of years old, and neanderthals 100,000 years ago, fine. But know that Barry's work gave us a curve fit that places everthing into the 7300 year old universe timeline very nicely. I mentally adjust all the dates you post. Good work, I appreciate your blog. I hope you'll look into the work of Gordon Bane (astronomy PhD) and Marshall Hall for geocentricity. And Barry Setterfield for the real scoop on Young Earth Creationism. Traditional YECs blame everything on the flood. Barry, using his curve-fit for atomic ages, has burst out of that ghetto and made amazing progress and insights.

Archaelogists looking at clay tablets from Babylon rightly say that the Bibles 6000 year timeline (Jewish Masoretic Bible) is impossible. But the extra 1000 years found in the Septuagint and Samaritan versions of the Bible resolve all problems with archaeology.

Interestingly, Barry Setterfield has pinpointed the exact time in history (and the reasons for it) that the Masoretic Hebrew was altered.

Ted Walther said...

In relation to the last post, here are the links:

Barry Setterfield:

Gordon Bane

Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall also pointed out that most of modern "astronomy" is actually computer special effects. My own background is in computer special effects and I instantly saw the truth in it. Did you know that modern day planetarium programs do NOT model the moon or the horizon-haze according to any physical model? They fake it. There are no accurate physical models to account for the optical properties of moonlight and the horizon-haze. Both effects are shown with a simple photographers light meter; try it, you'll just see how anamolous those phenomenon are. Think about that modern physics doesn't even get those two simple things right.

samhuih said...

"...The Michelson-Morley experiment proves that the earth is not moving..."
NOT TRUE. I've read the actual study myself at the Univ. library. Look at the back of it. They found a difference in the speed of light in different directions perpendicular to each other but not what they expected. I may have numbers wrong but I think they expected 25k per second due to the Earths orbital speed but they only got 8K and assumed it was an error. Not sure about the last 8k/s wiki says,"probably less than one-sixth" of the expected velocity of the Earth's motion in orbit and certainly less than one-fourth." This was tested again by another scientist which I can not remember his name. He did extensive test with much better equipment and also found a difference in the speed of light in the direction of the Earths travel as compared to perpendicular to the direction of travel. He did these test over several years even adding coverings of different materials to test if it changed anything. He also found that the planets had an influence on the speed of light and that it varied. He was attacked because guess what, he wasn't Jewish(my take on the attacks). He defended his position until he died and then was again attacked until nowadays no ones ever heard of him. There was also a third test done at the naval laboratory that also found a difference. The last test that I've heard being done did show no difference BUT it was done underground in a mine. If anyone is super interested in this let me know and maybe I can dig up the references. They're hard to find because they dispute the GREAT Einstein and we can't have that can we.

Another weird misrepresentation is the constant of gravity, is not constant. They get various reading all the time and average them because "every one knows it's a constant".

I have a feeling that all the constants are related to the electric fields in space. Like in the Electric Universe type theories.

Grognard said...

Einstein didn't discover one thing, he just popularized and made up BS stories. The 'miracle year' which was followed by zero breakthroughs after that shows where he got his ideas.

hmm said...

but you have no idea if his brain was bigger because he used it, like a muscle, or because it was intrinsic, or a little bit of both. with aspergers, most definitely is intrinsic.

Texas Arcane said...


n/t Ditto all.

I have no doubt Einstein was much brighter than average - he knew exactly what sort of work to plagiarize and promote as his own to buy himself a meal ticket for life. He was not bright enough to have produced E=MC2, however. Even he knew it and admitted as much many times in between visits to his dozen mistresses and communist party meetings.

Grognard said...

The math he got stumped on was not even that hard, either. Hilbert did it in a weekend.

I did not think he was anything but best genius ever until I actually looked into the work itself.

I'm sure it's endemic in academia, unfortunately.

olebob said...

Fuel Removal From Fukushima's Reactor 4 Threatens 'Apocalyptic' Scenario
In November, TEPCO set to begin to remove fuel rods whose radiation matches the fallout of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs

Texas Arcane said...


There is widespread sentiment amongst his biographers now that he recruited his Czech wife to do the math and she failed to do it correctly. He rewarded her by abandoning her and his child to die. He sent her divorce papers when she lay on her deathbed.

A bastard amongst bastards, that bastard.

njartist said...

If what you say is true Texas, then to what purpose did Einstein serve? Whose purpose did it serve not to expose Einstein?

Grognard said...

What's the purpose of the truth? lol

KW Jackson said...

Speaking of cognitive dissonance, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this compared to the other famous H-event: