Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marine Delivers Beatdown To Cappuccino Sipper

Notice how his opponent talks and talks without ever seeming to make a point or even present anything coherent in his counter arguments other than association?


Some dude said...

His opponent may be incoherent but that doesnt mean o'keefe isnt a jerk. Just because someone can argue well doesnt make them right, just because someone can express anger doesnt make them brave, just because someone was in the marine core doesnt justify every action they take, and just because some basterd got his ass kicked on board a ship he shouldnt have been on doing something no one needed just to fuck with a bunch of jews doesnt make him any less a bully.

Believe it or not, not everything Israel does is wrong.

theepilgrim said...

funny how you can tell just from the still frame which is which, who has actually seen battle and death up close, and who has led a life of privilege and seclusion.

people wear their life on their face.

Texas Arcane said...

@Some dude

You're almost as listless, confused and incapable of marshalling as your arguments as O'Keefes opponent.

Believe it or not, almost everything Israel does nowadays is wrong. Sorry if the truth hurts but what do you expect, it is run by the scum of the earth same as America. You want your nation run better you elect better leaders. Israel has shown democracy isn't working there. The leadership is nothing but sad demented criminal ratbags.

It doesn't mean everybody in Israel is a ragbag. It means Israelis need to get better leaders than the Rothchild skin puppets they have in there at present. Get Rabin back for starters.

Some dude said...


Did I ever claim to be a great debater? What of it if I am not? But I am not going to refrain from saying the truth as I see it, and that is what I did.

Here, look at the last paragraph you wrote, I agree with most of it, and God help me, I wouldnt be able to convince my own mother of it, does that make it any less true?

Now, you have to reread your own paragraph. Because elections do not matter here Tex. the majority of people are very clear on what they want, and we do not get it. We did not elect Sharon to give away our villages, and we did not elect Netanyahu to release murderers and hand away most of our land, yet that is what they did.

I just today had a conversation with a frustrated Israeli cab driver who said no one could have predicted what Sharon did, and I said no, there were those who saw it coming. We thought they were crazy, but they had a better grasp of the truth than the rest of us..

I would far rather see people boycott the elections instead of playing that silly game, and I do think it is silly. Soon enough, a king will be sitting on the throne in Jerusalem, and then I will be willing to vote, but otherwise I think it is demeaning to indulge in that farce.

And I am sorry to tell you this Mr Arcane, but while I have no problem with anything you say as I sense it comes mostly from a place of honesty, I have a great deal of contempt for Mr. O'Keefe, and I dont take back a single thing I said about that jerk.