Saturday, October 12, 2013

Major Breakthrough in Nanotech

They've had all the building blocks together for years. The only thing holding back miraculous nanotechnology that would seem beyond belief has been the Casimir effect.

It heralds weapons for the Third World War that will defy imagination.

The T-1000 could become a working reality.


samhuih said...

Once they build these things it will be easy to mass produce them. I bet they could use electron beams to make the masking for the silicon parts die. After the silicon die is etched plastics could be injected. Plastics have extremely small resolution. They could stamp them out.

olebob said...

There are some great stories on that website.

Publius said...

Great (ironic).
Monkey minds with the power of gods.
What chance does not just humanity, but the biosphere itself, have, unless human monkey minds stick to technology of killing that is appropriate for their level of ethical thinking? I would say that muskets and cannons (that shoot cannon balls ) are about as advanced as can be tolerated.

Seriously, though: we'd better pray that industrial civ collapses before they get too much further advanced.

KW Jackson said...

Ethically speaking humanity is still in the stone age. In-groups are still murdering out-groups for no other reason than their differences. Even metalwork is too good for most people based on their ethical integrity.

L said...

It turns out that European cave paintings were mostly done by women. Even more interestingly, sexual dimorphism was more pronounced back then too