Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is Chicago The False Flag for WW3 ?!?

Ever since Rahm Emanuel gave up his post and mysteriously decided to become Mayor of Chicago, strange rumors have flown around the internet about the subject.

There are people who think he was positioned there to act as a handler for the big hoax that is approaching. Lately there is a lot of supporting evidence for the idea. The elites in the U.S. are not happy with progress and lately the agenda has seemed to falter. Benghazi backfired. The Sandy Hook fiasco fell on its face. There looks to be no attack pending on Syria. Obama's communist health plan went over like a ton of bricks. Perhaps some believe it is time for stronger measures to advance the program.


Publius said...

What do you think might be the nature of the event?
I actually need to know, as we are hundreds of miles to the west of Chicago.

I guess I'll just have to hope the wind is blowing from the west when it happens, and sends the debris and contamination towards D.C.

Aeoli Pera said...

My guess is there will be another EBT "glitch".

samhuih said...

I wonder if it won't just be the straw that breaks the camels back. The public's belief in the media is very super low. Most people just don't want to be bothered. They got away with 9-11, Colorado, Sandy Hook, Boston, far... but it may be that the public, seeing that this is just never going to end may rise it's fat asses up to be done with these psychopaths. One can hope.