Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barcodes With Label Printing Sheets In Vault-OS!!!!

I got it working! Barcode labels and onscreen displays of barcodes is going to be in Vault-OS V1.0 IN THE BROWSER!! On-the-fly from CueCat wand in Jquery popup dialogue!!

I spent a good couple of nights trying to hack it together in Raphael, knowing it was not right and was not going to work, especially for printing off whole pages of barcode labels from the browser. I finally found a way to do it and it is so simple it defies belief! Perusing the CodeProject revealed the usual culprits and over-engineered solutions until I stumbled over the innocuous little article above!

Uses the SPAN code in HTML 1.1 and tables! :) It takes longer to explain how it works than it does to simply implement it! The example at the CodeProject was for Code 39, but I got it working for the majority of barcodes recognized by the CueCat by just adapting the routine to take a string of 1s and 0s in Javascript!

Tested in IE6, would probably work in IE5.5 as far as I know.

There's a lot more to my barcode routines than just simple scans. I am trying to streamline the process where it is as simple as unpacking groceries for your preps and waving the CueCat to make entries. Not far off now. I am getting pretty stoked. I keep whittling away and it keeps getting better the simpler it all is.


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I just looked at the project, very clever implementation!