Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Giants Ruled The Earth

This series is interesting not only for the information about these sites but also about the ridiculous efforts of the "scientific" community to discredit them.

See if you can keep your tongue in your mouth when he gets to the part where the ancients were growing artificial islands using magnetic basalt crystals. Lots of people have never heard about this incredible stuff because it is way out in the ocean and the only reason that modern people found to go out this way recently was because they were fighting wars. (yawn, usual)

When I first got to Australia I heard many stories about megalithic structures that were found all over the continent by early settlers, since buried or destroyed. I personally swam in Sydney harbor and glimpsed the deep stone (likely phoenician) moorings in the walls of the harbor only a few months after I arrived.


John said...

Have the authorities ever told us anything true about anything? What exactly is behind this relentless effort to conceal our past and the splendor of creation?

I'm making my way through the Fort anthology. Reading Fort is a joy but I always have the sense of struggling to keep up. No, I don't have that sense. I am struggling, many pauses and re-reads. Still, plenty gets through. What I've picked up from The Book of the Damned has been more valuable than my liberal arts degree, but that's not saying much.

The man who puts on that nice monolith presentation makes frequent reference to mainstream explanations, and in tandem with my reading of Fort it makes me wonder, why are they so desperate to silence speculation? Why the lame explanations for these wondrous phenomena? If it's about inventing a narrative, why not offer some more compelling explanations?

That the Incas built the gigantic Lego walls a couple hundred years before the Spaniards showed up, I mean, come on. That's so soft it seems as if they're just baiting the skeptics. Or is it that a lame story is enough to convince a sufficient majority that a bunch of cannibalistic savages in loin-cloths were building formations that even today cannot be replicated, much less explained properly?

I've been thinking a lot about what you wrote concerning Fort's profound understanding of people, and the futility of trying to talk to most people about anything important or interesting. It's a tough pill to swallow, and I can't imagine what it must have been like for a man like Fort to have all that in him and virtually no outlet for it. He had no peers. Do you think that's why he just faded away? I think he was bored and broken-hearted and fed up. Just ready to go, I guess.

By the way, what would you give for a copy of X?

olebob said...

Looks like the dieversity is following you.

Wherever White people go on planet Earth, anti-Whites hunt us down and force dieversity on us.

There is no escape, you gotta turn and fight. They are waging genocidal warfare.

KW Jackson said...

That software is well entrenched in such old hardware. Can't help but realise these machines will do what they were designed to do so many years ago - wipe out the Thal.

Texas Arcane said...


I bet a copy of that book survived somewhere. Probably serving as wall insulation in a Hell's Kitchen brownstone right now. :)