Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vault-Co Right, Everybody Else Not Even Close

I told you this is why you get those Facebook queries all the time in your email.

Why? They need to know who will miss you if they put you on a boxcar to a FEMA camp. Totalitarian regimes want to know who to specify when they make up lists.

If they make you vanish, then make everybody who would notice vanish, did you ever really exist at all? This same sort of thing took place in the old Soviet Union all the time. They'd clear out whole blocks of dissidents in one fell swoop.

If modern people had a brain bigger than that of a squirrel this might change things. That's why this revelation won't have much impact at all.


olebob said...

They have been giving the raw data to a certain foreign country which we dare not name, with no restrictions on them passing it on.

Not only are the NSA and FBI in Facebook, they are in all the email providers as well.

Ever sent a password to a relative or received one through a registration? I know older people that are foolish enough to do that.

I understand they have also forced ISPs to weaken their encryption, so the NSA can gain access, which makes the entire system vulnerable to hackers from other countries, like for example China.

Since they have been able to do all of that, it makes me wonder what have they done to the Microsoft and Apple operating systems, that are running on our computers right now...

Is it time to divest from all American closed source technology?

Amy said...

I have deleted (it's possible) my FB account. I have grown uncomfortable with FB's knowledge of my shopping habits and personal whereabouts.

I know that algorithms will show adverts related to my recent Google searches, but I was surprised to see a FB ad for a product I had never, ever, Googled but had purchased (just that evening) at my local supermarket. I used my debit card and my store bonus coupon card for the purchase. Later that evening my FB page reflected ads for stuff I'd purchased earlier despite no Google searches. It was then I realized how insidious all this sh*t is.

How many days do I wake up, read the news and a handful of trusted frequencies, and scream "I hate the world!" at my screen, and then go for a run and prepare a caveman breakfast for all of us, lying in wait for the eventual collapse?

I must be insane. I'm just pretending to be normal most of the time.

Texas Arcane said...

Amy, don't go crazy reading this dumb blog.

I hate the world, too. Enmity with the world is amity with God.

I am truly amazed that there does not appear to be a straw in all this that finally breaks the camel's back. It does not appear to even annoy people here in Australia discovering a bunch of hostile Yanks who hold them in contempt have access to their fingerprints off their IPhones and track all their purchases, associates and private correspondence. You'd think that would finally do it but nope.

I had an email exchange at work with a guy who was saying such canned drivel he sounded like a badly written character in a dystopian novel. Blah blah blah the government has our best interests at heart yada yada yada - in this case, its not even our government, it's yanks! This still doesn't bother them.

Amy, don't let it upset you like that. There's a lot there you cannot control as opposed to what you can control and it sounds to me like you're pretty much in control of all the stuff close at hand. So don't worry about the things that you are not responsible for anyway.

lj3 said...

they are in all the email providers as well

You make that sound like some great feat. The fact is, email was never a secure medium. From the earliest days of the internet, any script kiddie with port scanning software could read your email clear as day. I know because I was that script kiddie. And it really is that easy.

ISPs don't use encryption. The NSA does force them to use their hardware, so they can monitor and store all internet traffic, but they're not compromising anything that way. If you use adequate end to end encryption, it'll take them a good long while to decrypt it. A couple of years, at least.

You think the stuff you mentioned is scary? Look into the Intel vPro backdoor. *that* shit is scary.

Funny enough, there's a very influential professor at MIT who's been saying closed source software and hardware is evil and needs to be removed. He's been saying it since the 70's and started the Free Software Foundation and GNU (the project that made Linux possible). Everyone thought he was insane, a paranoid nutter, and ignored him. In the last couple of years, "smart" people in tech are finally starting to admit he was right all along, but it's too late to unsink the titanic. His name is Richard Stallman.

Oh, and Amy: I second what Tex said. This stuff sucks, but if you stare at the abyss too long the abyss starts staring back. Just because the world sucks doesn't mean you can't live a good, happy life.

Amy said...

Actually, Tex, this place keeps me from feeling so alone in my thoughts.

It's not paranoia, or depression. I just have a deep and foreboding sense that something is terribly wrong and about to teeter off a cliff.

Knowing I'm not alone is a good thing. I really enjoy this blog.

Chris from Sydney said...

I was wondering how we would have survived thousands of years at 300 below zero.
Perhaps by living in someplace like this ?

Looking at the photo's I felt strangely at home, one can only dream.....