Friday, September 20, 2013

Understanding Neanderthal and Sapien Brain Differences


One is a legacy system introduced by organized gang-rape 38,000 years ago. A vestigial brain type which has been steadily vanishing for the past 20,000 years and is being constantly replaced by the Saps brain, which is best summed up as a "brain" that doesn't seem to work. At all.

Sapiens can't live on stolen capital forever. Nobody ever does. It is the problem with people who survive by stealing or raiding the wealth of others, including their genetic wealth. Sooner or later, the best thieves are going back to that mud hut they came from.

The 'Thal brain which is largely responsible for any aspect of civilization which is good or life-affirming, has been outbred by the Saps weakest, craziest members for millennia. It is amazing there are any marginal hybrid 'Thals left ... but this tells you that these genes must have been very, very special to persist for so long despite their dwindling share of the chromosomal pool.

I am sure that Melonheads have contributed somewhat to certain aspects of civilization that reinforce hierarchies and power structures, which 'Thals are always working against. The difference being is that Melonhead innovations (like Edward Teller and the hydrogen bomb) always seem to be about dominance and death. Only the 'Thal makes everything better by simply coming into contact with it. They always seem to give so much away, even allowing themselves to be cheated out of their own profit from their efforts ... if it appears it can improve life a little bit for everybody else.

The Neanderthals were the good ones. All men are filthy rags before God but ten thousand Homo Sapiens put together never worked as much general benefit to all men as many Neanderthals did in a single day of their lives. They would seem to be the best sons of God, if heaven could be won by good deeds. Of course, that may be precisely the reason God despised Esau, who thought himself so good he was indifferent to his creator and perhaps took his pardon for granted.


Alex N said...

The Garret LoPorto article on your side bar says that the DRD4 7R gene is suspected to have originated from Neanderthals.

I presume that DRD4 7R is a long form version of DRD4 according to the article: 'DRD4 Long Form Variant (7r): A Genetic Correlate Between Liberalism and Homosexuality', yet according to this post's article extroversion is associated with the long form version.

Wouldn't this suggest that extroversion/homosexuality/liberalism are Neanderthal traits?

Amy said...

Tex, I can't thank you enough for that link. What a fascinating read. I feel like I now know everything that's been "wrong" with me my entire life.

I score 100% "I" as an INTJ on the MB assessment. I was often subject to team-building exercises designed to bring out some more extroversion in me, make me a more friendly and upbeat team member, taught how to "sell" myself and my skills. I always cringed whenever my company held one of those seminars.

Being around lots of people, especially people I don't know, exhausts me. I can take part in a conversation and often get a bit animated when I'm on a topic that interests me, but it comes at a great cost to my mental and physical energy and I'm often washed out for days.

Those descriptions of an introvert - good memory, contemplation, high recall of lived experiences, vivid dreaming, starting in the middle of a thought - all me. It's an odd sort of comfort to know I'm not the quirky loon people always told me I was/am.

I haven't had my IQ tested since third grade, but I remember them telling me I tested like a sixth grader and was far beyond my peers in raw intelligence. Sadly I haven't turned that into anything profitable as far as a career goes. My energy and smarts go into my children, now, a far better investment of my time than manning a cubicle.

The points about regulating protein and body temperature pique my interest. I've been converging on some diet-related therapies for anxiety that invole ketosis, avoiding dairy, and eating fattier braised meats and fewer veggies/grains. I feel great; my brain on sugar is a horrid thing, inside and out.

Texas Arcane said...

Alex N -

I could write a couple paragraphs but instead I'll just post a simple question back to you in reply to your question.

Which traits do you think would be reinforced at 300 degrees below zero for almost a million years?

Garret LoPorto and I do not agree on most subjects and I think LoPorto is still starting from the basic assumption that Homo Sapiens must be the stable one and the 'Thal the destabilizer. It's an interesting point of view but it is not supported by any of the facts.

If all 'Thals did was tell the truth, that alone would produce the response LoPorto talks about where they are perceived as uprisers, troublemakers and attackers of the status quo. Telling the truth can have this effect in Sapiens society.

I think the evidence is that Neanderthals are chaotic good and in their attempt to always preserve the true principles of their society they are always in contradiction of the ruling classes. That doesn't make them the unstable ones, even if they destabilize every situation they are in.

Texas Arcane said...


Caring for children is a lot more important than riding a cubicle chair. I do it all day long and it is meaningless compared with the task of being a wife and a mother. My job is hardly as important as that one and never will be.

Some dude said...

I have a question. Assuming you are right, is repentence is still possible? What would the melonheads and saps have to do to repent and change so that all their traits could be positive for themselves and others?

Texas Arcane said...

@Some Dude

I don't know. All I know is that scripture says it is the will of God that not a single person should perish. It also says that God will accept repentance from anyone who has the scales lifted from their eyes and sees that they need it.

I've known (worked for) a lot of melonheads and I think that is impossible for them but scripture says with God all things are possible.

These people that I have known could hardly hear the word "God" without sneering so I think it is not likely there will be any kind of rush by them for forgiveness any time soon.

Texas Arcane said...


In New York back when I was an atheist, during a few meetings of my secular humanist discussion group, I asked people why it was so important to sneer at God when he did not exist. I said that considering the evil deeds that were common to mankind that humility and a belief in judgement would have to be near the bottom in terms of requiring condemnation. This faith helped to humanize people and weren't we secular humanists?

They usually didn't answer me. They would then sneer at me for simply asking.

samhuih said...

When I read this paper I knew I could just hand a copy to anyone and they would know all about me. I'm an introvert. I've never seen such a concise accurate account of my behavior and feeling.

I wonder if I'll going to be able to comment any more. Open ID is going kaput. Google account? Not so sure about them. The track me enough as it is. Is it possible you could have some other ID based systems added or a CAPTCHA?

When Amy talked about diet it reminded me of a book I'm reading, "The Wild Life of Our Bodies". It's very good. The bacteria in our gut seems to have a large role in regulating our bodies and moods. I've noticed that some people have very high carb diets and some very large protein and both do well. The problem seems to be a mixture with high carbs. I wonder if this has a lot more to do with the bacteria in the gut from these different type foods than the foods themselves?

lj3 said...

MyOpenId != OpenId. MyOpenId is going kaput, OpenId is still around. looks like a decent replacement.