Sunday, September 15, 2013

Typical Day At The Vatican

They are the anointed of God. That's what they say. They also require their own internal police force just to keep a lid on the sheer horrible magnitude of crimes committed every day within their own walls.

The hall of Oannes is a stain on the fabric of reality and all its representatives are a blow to the dignity of mankind and the majesty of God. Here is a prayer that they all get the wages they have earned.

Finally, with some free flow of information, the world gets to see them as they are, not as they have pretended to be for 2000 years. The Byzantium Pope was a demon worshipping son of the devil and they have not changed a bit in the past two millennium. To think I once confessed to one of these creatures my sins. It makes me sick to even remember.

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FrankNorman said...

Tex, you were once a Roman Catholic? No wonder you went Atheist for a while.