Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The War Prayer By Mark Twain

I never get tired of reading it.

The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of God.

Only God knows men's hearts and that is where the truth of real repentance is found. If you pray for your enemy to die choking on his own blood, ask yourself what you could expect from a God who would grant a prayer like that? Do you really think he would treat you any better than your enemy?

Rather, we should pray for our enemies and wish good on those who have done us evil. We should pray that our worst enemies never suffer any of our malice but only the wages of their deeds. Pray for them who despise you, you may be the only person who ever beseeches God on their behalf. In doing so you will be heaping hot coals over their heads, because you have left their judgement entirely up to God.


ray said...

good counsel

John said...

This site has always been a source of insight. I know you have your finger on the pulse and I am thankful to have found your writings. However, the question I'm always left with is, What to do? It all seems incredibly hopeless sometimes. I find solace in reading the words of the type of men you reference here, but almost all of them are dead. And no one really listened to them while they were alive, anyway.

Everyone around me has his head in the sand, and seems to know it too. That's what gets me. Sometimes a conversation will turn to an issue of actual import, and within an instant it's rerouted to a rehashing of something that happened at work. Or a synopsis of whatever formulaic horseshit was on TV last night. And these are mostly intelligent people I interact with.

I don't mean to be glum but it is a hard spot we're in. There doesn't seem to be much to save and the people you love shy away from you when you try to tell them what you see. Well, grow a backbone, as you said.

Thanks for writing, I've picked up a lot here. I've been meaning to chime in about how good The Martian Chronicles is. You're right to have your son read that annually. What a beautiful piece of literature, and it says something really important without beating you over the head with it. I read the Fort biography too and have been meaning to order some of his stuff. What a guy he must have been, but how incredibly isolated as well. Who does a guy like that talk to? I'm sure he was happy though, drinking homebrew and singing songs with his wife.

I've rambled a bit. Thanks again and take care.

olebob said...

NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013

Texas Arcane said...


You should remember that people suffering under a thousand times the hardship we will ever know and situations seemingly a million times more hopeless nevertheless sustained themselves, their loved ones and a great many strangers even during war, famine, fire and general insanity. Imagine living during the black plague with mobs of lunatics in the street dancing the tarantella all night long and burning witches. Yet many people survived the black plague and much worse and they came out of it fairly well before they ever had "crisis counsellors" or "grief therapists." Many people of the late Roman Empire moved into self-contained walled villas in the country where they lived pretty idyllic lives even as the cities were burned, sacked and looted. If you had asked them they probably would have told you it seemed like a golden era where they were.

The most important thing is to remember you are just human and you shouldn't despair because you can't fix the people around you or make them any smarter. It is not you that has failed they were like that long before you were ever born. Far better men tried to patch them up and they did not succeed either. It is good to realize that you will never see eye-to-eye with many people because they don't really have a "mind" to change. You will feel better when you can disagree with them and not even feel the urge to try to shake some sense into them, just let them be. I think that Charles Fort had mastered knowing better than everybody around him without needing to convert them and was able to write so whimsically in his books that few people realized he was essentially discrediting everything they thought they knew about the world.

The Martian Chronicles would have to be one of my favorite science fiction anthologies of all time.

Grognard said...

Yes, just recognizing reality/truth is the most important thing. Then at least you personally, and your family, won't be caught up in whatever madness the melonheads of the day have come up with to remove any potential rivals (ie you) from existence. Not to mention doing their best to disposess anyone with 2 cents to rub together. Can't tell you how many people I know went from rich to having nothing due to the intentionally manipulated housing bubble.

styrac said...

Police interrupt "Eyes Wide Shut" type Melonhead sex-and-drugs party in Michigan Masonic Temple

olebob said...

Have a look a the size of the head on Fabien Constant:

Mex Arcane said...

Thank you for your insightful post.