Sunday, September 15, 2013

Syria Is A Critical Moment In World History

It really is. Hold fast and don't let them snow you with any of their false flags. They'd love to detonate a nuke in Omaha, Nebraska right now and blame it on anybody over there. Don't be fooled if that happens. Keep telling anybody you know that this war is just another scam. Ten years on there must be a few people who are beginning to suspect the whole past decade was just a big stage show.


styrac said...

"Syria Is A Critical Moment In World History"


And here's why from the Kremlin's top confidant (excerpts):

" all is at stake. If Washington doesn´t intervene and instead accepts the position of Russia and China, this would be the end of the USA as a kind of unique superpower...Putin cannot step aside; he cannot give up Assad, because this would mean the geopolitical suicide of Russia. Maybe we are right now in the major crisis of modern geopolitical history.

So right now both dominant world powers, USA and Russia, are in a struggle about their future existence…

Indeed. At the moment there is no any other possible solution. We cannot find any compromise. In this situation there is no solution which would satisfy both sides...The war is the only way to make a reality check...So we see: neither USA nor Russia can resign from that situation. It is simply not possible for both not to react."

Publius said...

Interesting. It's hard to know what is really going on. There is so much disinfo, it's amazing.

The American sheeple, despite their ignorance and sloth, don't want another war. I think they instinctively know (the only way that passive herds can really know anything) that a war in Syria would be far more of a crisis than the MSM is telling them. They know that their "leaders" are overreaching, and about to bite off more than they can chew.

However, how can they/we really stop it?

Even if 55% of the public knows that the government is setting these wars up, with disinfo and false-flags, they can't really stop it. The government could perpetrate an incident that is glaringly false, and just go with it. The people would be unable to stop the war response, because they do not control the levers of power, and we are far beyond the point where a Whiskey Rebellion could succeed. So: the only thing that could stop it would be a refusal of orders by the military. That could happen - a spark here or there might catch fire.

I've always found it odd that men (and now women, unfortunately) who on the surface are so brave (in battle) are so meek towards their "superiors," and toward the criminals in DC. The suicide rate in the military alone is amazing. Why, oh why, don't they turn on their feral masters?

Russia is not nearly strong enough militarily to stop an attack on Syria outright.

I would guess that China and Russia have been creating a more integrated alliance than we know, and doing so in face-to-face meetings and via couriers, so that even the US spy agencies don't really know the extent of the cooperation. They would be suicidal to not be creating a deep and wide military alliance. They must know, through their intelligence groups, how evil our masters in DC have become. They must know also that the American sheeple aren't really that bad. Interesting times!

olebob said...

I hope this means the end of the Globalist Elites.

Globalism = Imperialism

olebob said...

Publius said...
"I've always found it odd that men (and now women, unfortunately) who on the surface are so brave (in battle) are so meek towards their "superiors," and toward the criminals in DC. The suicide rate in the military alone is amazing. Why, oh why, don't they turn on their feral masters?"

Just look at basic training. You have a heavily muscled, obnoxious bully, screaming insults at young men, until they are so traumatized, they get a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with the Sarge.

Once in that brainwashed state, they will follow any order, no matter what.

You can never rely on ex military in street demonstrations for that reason alone. The left scream "racist" at them and they think it is their drill sergeant, all over again.

styrac said...

styrac said...

"It's become clear today that the USA, with its still enormous economic and military might, has become a blind instrument in the hands of these "behind-the-scenes manipulators" of history... Large, complex, powerful and expensive states which claim an independent role in world processes will with time become superfluous and dangerous for the world government. The expense of maintaining them in a world populated by weak, denationalized, miniature pseudo-states, which will come to replace national governments in the new world order, will no longer be justified...Today the USA, acting in violation of its own national interests, is functioning as a battering-ram for the new world order project, crushing the spiritual, economic and military/political foundations of the world's major civilizations and nation-states...These notorious US national interests, which on closer examination turn out to be the interests of the transnational world government, force the North American behemoth to act in ways which challenge common sense, often placing it in a lose-lose situation, where the USA is left with a choice between bad and worse."