Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mostly Civilians

It is always civilians.

They do these things because they can and nobody holds them accountable since they killed John F. Kennedy.

Same old game with a different name.

Some people you can fool all of the time.

I gotta give it to this down-low brother, he has got nerve. Trying to go to war without Congress and still cutting pay to the military. That is moxie.


Unknown said...

Mr T

They think of us as "human resources" ... hence the name change from the personable approach of "Personnel" to the utilitarian criminality of the Modern Corporatism


samhuih said...

While I'm hardly for the "all war all the time" country the US has become some criticisms in the above links lack context. The criticism of the US in Vietnam supposes that if we had left well enough alone no one would have died. Afraid not. The South Vietnamese fought the commies until they ran out of bullets, sequestered by the Democratic congress. Tens of millions killed in Russia because the "kulaks" were wealthy enough to have a cow. Cambodia was the essence of commies wet dream. No interference. Communism was a godless human killing machine attempting to remold all mankind into automatons. Flesh eating economic units.

The criticism of the West is equally skewed. Maybe you'd rather have a world lovingly caressed by the likes of Genghis Khan or the Ottoman Turks. Maybe the Burmese were better off with a King with a pyramid made of skulls than the humiliation of colonialism, but I doubt it.Maybe Zaire was better off with constant savage tribal wars, no progress, no farms, and all the crop land a wild life refuge than the humiliation of colonialism, but I doubt it.

Criticism of the West for not living up to it's lofty goals is vacant without comparing it to what came before and what happened when it's order of restraint ceased.