Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Decent Leadership In 20 Years For Australia

I voted for him although I have trouble believing he is real. I have never heard somebody make so much sense when they talk in Australia.


Mex Arcane said...

You mimic my every move, once more. I voted for Abbott, but let's not forget that this is the same guy who was part of Howard's cabinet that banned semi-autos in '96 (although he's hinted at softening the anti-gun laws, apparently). He also started a slush fund to bankroll legal action against Pauline Hanson, basically jailing her on some trumped up electoral fraud charges that were later overturned. His hands aren't clean.

I suspect he's keen to prove himself as a US war ally, and I'm hoping that the new senate (with a Liberal Democrat) can exert enough influence on Howard's protegé to make him do a 180 on firearm laws. Not holding my breath.

Nonetheless, a good result. Labor jacked up the cost of living that much it was getting beyond a joke.

Bob said...

ive never before read such vitriol and heard such shrill voices against any of our former PMs as what ive been reading on the interweb and seeing on the TV against Tony Abbot. The hoi polloi in our society are indeed true village idiots with zero capacity for individual thought. This election has been a real eye opener on people and friends who should really know better. I overheard one local unemployed farm labourer idiot refer to our new PM as a cretin and likely to wreck the Australian economy, because thats what he heard. A quick Wikipedia search will show that our new PM is in the top 1%, how many people can you name who have been offered a scholarship to study at Oxford? He has written four books and has two degrees, yeah, a real cretin. Labor/Greens voters dont even want to give him a chance to succeed such is the spite they have for him. I hope he proves them wrong but hes got an uphill struggle ahead of him.