Sunday, September 29, 2013

False Flag


Ave said...

The Religion Manufacturers

Part 1

Some recent ideas connected together

Someone told me recently that there was a good chance Mahomet himself might have been Jewish. Some other ideas I heard about recently :
- Bobby Fischer turning its back to Judaism and interested in the idea that Christianity could have been a jewish hoax
- Carl Gustav Jung, a Jew converting to Catholicism after having studied not only the mind but various arcane sciences such as alchemy
- the Sassoon dynasty of English billionnaires starting with the opium trade, effectively obliterating China, one of the most powerful cultures of its time
- The fact that the current rulers of Arabia have been helped into power by the British, chasing the rightful keepers of Mecca (the Hashemite dynasty) in 1924

BTW, how can we actually think that the immense fortune associated by the extraction of crude oil would be left to the complete control of some local tribesmen ? It makes much more sense to consider that this money (petrodollars) flows back to the financial world in order to provide a « black budget » for A LOT of destabilizing actions. Given who controls the world financial system, it would be fitting that the crazy islamist fundamentalists are yet another manufactured religion, that destroys Islam at the core.

But, you're going to say, if Christianity and Islam were manufactured religions (just a hypothesis of course), then how can they rebel against their creators ? If we follow this theory, then we could say that Christianity was made to destroy the Roman Empire (in fact, it did take the Roman Empire over), and that Islam was made to push back the boundaries of a Christian Empire that controlled Jerusalem (which it did). And thus Wahhabites might be just the guys to destroy Islam.

But then, there is the tendency of manufactured religions to escape the control and bite back : how could this be ? If we consider a religion like a creature, then it would have to possess the equivalent of Asimov's Laws preserving the creators. Which they're lacking, or it would be known.

So it is a creature that evolves by itself, and thus has to be controlled by yet another creature.

Ave said...

The Religion Manufacturers

Part 2

That would be the end of this article if I didn't mentionned what triggered these thoughts today. I just watched a scene from « 2001, A Space Odyssey », and then it struck me that the monolith people are themselves Religion Manufacturers. Kubrick was jewish, a very capable director and intelligent man, often dealing with occult themes.

They place the Monolith, which triggers an evolutionary leap. In the movie, we go straight from a bone thrown into the air to a satellite in space. This binds the astronauts with the apes : the space-age humans are apes that religion built up. For a religion builder, it means : I made them into this.

For the Monolith creators, it means their creature is now getting close to their level. Also note that the actor depicting the space-age human looks like a pure blooded American, i.e. a complete goy. That guy reaches space his puny space raft, that eventually fails to function. They are still struck with Matter, but this matter just became sentient (a Singularity event), meaning humans accidentally created life. Thus they are getting too close to become another race of Monolith people.

The next sequence (« trippy sequence ») is how this evolved creature is basically being invited by the Monolith people to their place, either as a zoo curiosity (the end of life seuqence) or to become the new technological master race (a bit like in Babylon 5 the Vorlons help the humans in their next evolutionary leap).

But the problem is that the Monolith people are also just people with gadgets and technology. Above them, there is still God, and God does his own thing.

So here lies the problem of the religion of the Religion Manufacturers themselves.

Tex loves the Esau and Jacob story, and without him I would not have given it much thought.

In fact, Jacob wants to become his father's favorite – and remain as such. Thus, he must prevent Esau and the other sons of the Father to become just as loved as he is. The Religion Manufacturers must create religions that are lesser forms of their own, full of flaws and violence.

But as every man can find the way to God by himself, the spiritual people always manage to get rid of restricitve and absurd religion laws, or even worse (in the eyes of the Religion Manufacturers), upgrade their religion into a functioning one – an equal before the eyes of God.

Thus the Religion Manufacturers are condemned to create lesser, aggressive religions to destroy the illuminated ones.

Int his regard, we might want to consider the Culture Wars of the 60's (pop culture, feminism, drug culture, liberalism etc.) as a present-day religion, intent on destroying a stable, God-loving society (or at least a society that was about to get to that point).

And then, since we're in space-age mumbo-jumbo, we can ask ourselves if Religion Manufacturers haven't themselves been manufactured. Because the situation they find themselves in, a giant Sisyphus boulder, is in itself not something you obviously would want to be in.

styrac said...

"Carl Gustav Jung, a Jew converting to Catholicism"

Jung was a Protestant and the son of a a Protestant minister and not only he wasn't "Jewish" but has been accused of being an "anti-semite" on many occasions including from Freud himself, that despite Jung himself having Jewish students and followers.

"the Protestant [community] … has nicer people, is more orderly, whereas the Catholic one is more primitive and less orderly. In a Protestant country, people have better relations with one another. The 'Church' in Catholic countries takes the place of the ‘relation to people." - C.G. Jung

Bobby Fischer was a Neanderthal:

Ave said...

styrac : I stand corrected.

I am still wondering how I could get it so wrong. It is a belief I held for many years.

Makes my argument look pretty bad, doesn't it ?

Still, I do think there is something to this argument. What do you think ?

styrac said...

I do believe that the Islamist fundamentalists and particularly the Wahhabis are a Globalist tool to undermine not only the Islamic religion but the unity of the Eurasian continent as whole, thus serving the interests of the Atlanticist block to keep the continent divided. That's what the conflict in Syria is all about really. Russia and China trying to confine and keep these forces in check to ensure peace and cooperation in Eurasia, and the Western-Altanticist block fomenting chaos and terrorism.

As for Kubrick's 2001 and the monolith I believe it symbolizes the gift of intelligence given not by the melonheads (who wanted humans without individual consciousness) but by some renegade force that wanted to release mankind from the animal state of collective consciousness which made it easier for the melonheads to control as slaves.

See also William Cooper's 2001: A Mystery Babylon

Ave said...

Thank you for the links Styrac.

I do have a problem with "mystery religions", in that they provide a code that they subsequently embed in culture.

Just as if a beekeeper would place symbols of beeking into books, musical clips etc. and then claim that all culture revolves around bees.

There is certainly something to it, because it has been done for centuries, but then again it's just a multi-century (multi-millenia) scam.

The reason I believe the symbols of these "religions" are all over the video clips, Miley Cirrus stuff etc. is so that the people who are in the lower order of these religions can be convinced of the influence of it, and thus better submit to it.

I believe these are just like the rest, Manufactured Religions. It just happens that religions are something that works on humans, and thus if you want to rule humans you have to use religions.

They're just tools. You can see a lot of symbols into pyramids and the Orion constellation, but the former is just a very natural shape and the second can have the shape you want to give it. It all is referential to a code given by a certain group (perhaps thousands of years ago, granted) but in the end it is some some guy's made-up story.

What interests me is not the mechanic of manufacturing religions (though I'm sure it should be interesting enough), but what we can see from history regarding manufactured religions.

Indeed, 2001 is perhaps too filled with symbols galore to be a good representation of people manufacturing religions, even if that's just what is happening in the movie.

I thought about another movie that Kubrick prepared, and Spileberg executed, the A.I. movie.

In this movie, the robots have very jewish traits (or how Jews like to see themselves, brilliant but hated and hunted down because of that). In the far future, the Robot-Jews have evolved into superior beings, whereas the Humans-Goyim are extinct.

There is some correspondence with the 2001 movie because of that.

Just some ideas.