Monday, September 2, 2013

Consonant Diarrhea Melonhead Calls For A "Situation"

That will be "created."

Here, mangoo smoothie guzzler Anderson Cooper is caught out staging sound effects and visual tricks to promote intervention in Syria.

I think this one was more professional than his green screen interviews in Sandy Hook where he pretended to get choked up talking to a woman's lapel button while the front part of his nose was bleeding in and out.

Melonheads count on Sapiens being really, really stupid. They are rarely disappointed.


Grognard said...

Digusting to realize news is not just slanted by imbeciles but almost wholly made up. Hopefully we will see some drone bombings on these asses instead of syria.

Neanderthal smarter than modern man part 48939. To think that cattails and fern represent better sources of nutritional flour than modern garbage is pretty sad.

Chris from Sydney said...

Tex, no wonder the Kwa needs to go to war NOW, there's still enough folks who are edumachated and stuff to maybe get a few missiles off.

If they leave it any longer the monkey's won't be able to plot the grids to co-ordinate fire missions an' that.

Good thing they decided to rid the schools of Nazi influence, like requiring accurate answers and the like....

Grognard said...
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