Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Extremely Poor False Flag Operation

Sloppiest hoax yet.

The West has truly been destroyed since 9-11. Completely neutered and sucked dry.


samhuih said...

Supposedly our overloads are omnipotent but their flubbing of just about everything ought to clue you in. Reminds me of the time the Israeli minister(can't remember exactly which one) viewed a defense exercise with protection caps over the lenses of his binoculars. So arrogant they won't even ask why they can't see.

Remember we live in the times of "Peak Jew". They're going to get themselves killed. I hope they don't take us with them.

Publius said...

I am sure the rest of the world is noting that even the supremely gullible, generally witless, amazingly uninformed US public is overwhelmingly against the war in Syria.

In other words, it's gotten so blatant and bad that even absolute, uneducated morons have an inkling that something ain't right. Even people who can't locate Mexico and Canada on a map, and certainly know nothing about the Middle East other than the fact that the "Holy Land" is over there, are against the war.

The masters of war will attack anyway.

Will the sheeple then wake up to the fact that they have no voice, and take real action? E.g. a general strike or something?

Doubtful. They will go down to starvation and internment and early death due to suicide without too much protest. Unless a sea change in consciousness occurs, which is possible but improbable.

Russell said...

Man, this makes Sandy Hook and Boston's bombings look down right professional.

Can't wait for more "on the scene" reporting, while facial features fade in and out.

Welcome to Oz, pay no attention to the green screen behind the man!

Bob said...

the average joe on the street sees TV reports on US politicians trying to gain favour and support from leaders in other countries to attack Syria without much success, he understands that the evidence accumulated and documented by UN inspectors may be skewed towards trying to justify an attack,the Iraqi debacle still relatively fresh in his mind. He suspects that the reasons he is being told as justification for an attack have a bit of smell to them, something appears to be off, but when it comes to an election year he jumps up and down, waving his flag telling his friends and family that they live in the greatest country in the world. Maybe for the majority that may not be the case but where is the tipping point? when are the people of the US going to say enough is enough to these lies and false reports of empathy by their leaders?