Monday, August 19, 2013

Revenge of Gnosticism

I had a strange thought today.

I thought how ironic that Gnosticism lost out to Christianity as a faith and still succeeded in poisoning the well of science and cosmology for two thousand years. With humans, the merits of an idea do not detract from its merits. If men could think, ideas would succeed or fail based on their merits in explaining the world around them. Ideas succeed amongst humans because they appeal to some facet of their vanity and their reason is in train to these instincts, not the other way around.

The left castigates the Christian Church for selling real estate in an imaginary world but their spiritual elders in Gnosticism thrust the entire universe into abstraction and called this reality. The idea that the real world is an imperfect representation of their "real world" which is described by mathematics has so corrupted the basic premises of the West that we would have to detonate the foundations to fix it.

God is not the author of confusion. Christianity was always too simple and lucid to inspire much affectation in its adherents, thus less attractive to them as a proposition than the moral indignation of pretending for their entire lives to be disappointed in the real world because it pales beside their constructed one. Behind most indignation we will find poor biology ... and the truth is, the left and their "noble savages" from some fallen Edenic state are mostly a ruse to conceal their own deep feelings of worthlessness.

Such a great and grandiose school of thought but it leverages the essential mediocrity of the people most likely to be its advocates. It is correct to say that the desire for "perfect forms" is often founded in a disappointment at oneself, not the world around us. The left has this conviction the world is broken and they are charged to fix it. They add greatly to its miseries when they make that effort because in fact it is not the real world that is broken.


Edward said...

Once we stop believing in the promise of paradise in the hereafter, we search for ways to Immantize the eschaton and create a paradise here on earth.
Turns out that we don't have enough of a global perspective to pull it off successfully, and have a tendancy to ignore the cost of entropy in our plans.

Luke said...

I am just getting out of this confusion now.

I read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy when I was ten, which is pretty much watered down gnosticism, and I completely bought it. Now twelve years later, I am just starting to come to my senses. Reading the Bible and talking to God has been the most helpful.

I have pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes, and am definitely expressing some neanderthal genetics. Rh- blood, computer programmer, introverted. I've known I was different my whole life. I remember being in kindergarten, looking around, and thinking WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? What is wrong with them? Why can't they think? Why don't they care about anything I care about? While I was reading astronomy books, they were watching TV. My whole life I've been trying to figure out why I am different.

Once I started reading your site, it all started to become clear. I've been reading everything you've posted for about a year now, but barely commented until now. Thank you so much Tex.

Can you or anyone recommend any literature about red hair and neanderthals? I'd like to dig deeper.

Also, I live in California, is anyone else on this site from Cali?

Grognard said...

I thought the archons were your crazy aliens fiddling with human dna.

But I think the main cause of this is "the world is not what you see, but how we say it is". You can't even trust your own senses, and there is no set form it's a form we can make up as we go to get our way in all things. IE trying to set themselves up as little gods.

Texas Arcane said...

Luke -

The recent evidence is that people with Aspergers and related kin tend to have thicker Corpus Callosum connecting the two halves of their brain amongst many other differences. The question about them is not why they have an integrated brain, the question is why does everybody else have a brain with connection between the two halves severed?

This is what gives rise to that feeling "Why can't they think?" Well, it is pretty hard to think with your brain chopped in half so that your left hand barely knows what your right hand is doing. Everything is going to be aphasic and ambiguous and seem like you have a schizophrenic imaginary friend who is different from you - which is really the other half of your brain talking.

Nowadays when I read Julian Jaynes, I am going to be looking at his ideas from the other end of the telescope. My inquiry is not when the brain became more integrated - I'm curious to know when and how it got chopped into two parts. You can be certain that a conversation between a person with their brain intact and a person with a divided psyche is going to be pretty odd for both parties all the time.

A good thing to keep in mind this whole time is that being red-haired, blue eyed and pale and a lateral thinker doesn't make you an "alien." It means you are a native. You actually have a pedigree for this planet that shows where you came from and who your ancestors were. That can't be a bad thing.

HalibetLector said...


I grew up in the rural northeast, but I just left Northern California after spending 7 years there as a computer programmer. I am also pale skinned, red haired and introverted. I left because California is a fucked up environment for someone like us. It's like being behind enemy lines. Most of my co-workers (even the programmers) frequently treated me like I was a hostile alien.

I'm currently in the process of finding someplace where people don't piss me off quite so much. I've had good luck with the rural northeast. I'm not sure if it's because I was born there or if it's the cold winters, but people here do treat me marginally better. They still look at me like I'm an alien, but they're not as aggressive about it as they are in Cali. I'm also taking a look at Montreal, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. All cold, neanderthal, introverted friendly places (in theory).

JeffreyJerpp said...

That is an incredibly clever way of making servants.

One wonders how many rounds of R&D they went through before this design was perfected and/or arrived at.

I imagine the melonheads competing to see who could create the slave that was both technically intelligent and physical robust, yet unable to combine self awareness and critical thinking and pose a threat.

A challenge, but slicing the brain in two solves a good amount of the problems inherent to it simultaneously. Throw in some primitive monkey genes to make them deeply conformist and rudimentary in social thinking, and there you are.

PS- The real question to me is, did the melonheads have game-show type spectator mazes where they would race their slaves, forcing them to clear obstacles and solve simple puzzles for prizes such as food and mates? I can imagine they would really enjoy such a thing.

Edward said...

Bit more sciencey stuff here.
That goes into corpus callosum differences in high functioning autism. Though they think it's less connectivity not more, or perhaps just different connectivity.

The 'mirror neuron' theory seems to hold a lot of weight though.

I don't know really, I seem to have both the ADD / executive function issues along side the 'Why can't they think?' attitude, which doesn't really make me popular with anyone.

Texas Arcane said...


At Malta, they found the bones of 30,000 children in one pit alone. You have to wonder how they died? Were they just sacrificed in a ritual or were they killed in the equivalent of some of kind of reality show where they had to fight other children over food or weapons? What exactly were they doing to these children before they died? Probably, nobody will ever know. Nobody who has ever visited Malta has come away with anything less than a feeling of almost cosmic horror. British soldiers stationed there traveled everywhere in pairs and they claimed after the war they heard strange sounds coming from deeper down in the caverns at night that kept many of them from sound sleep. At least a dozen soldiers during WW2 went mad inside there and some turned on their own comrades in killing sprees. I talked to a person who visited there once and they told me the place made their skin crawl. Even back in the 70's they wondered how in the hell they illuminated these places deep underground when there is no trace of torch smoke or soot anywhere inside on the walls.

Grognard said...

Part of me thinks the corpus collosum comment is logical, the other half is very upset about it. Ho ho.

Hey, Luke, check this out for some more eerie coincidences:

JeffreyJerpp said...

I have some truly hare-brained, preposterous theories about Malta and Melonhead history.

If you've ever been to the House of the Temple in Washington DC (aka World Freemason headquarters and the melonhead equivalent of a mega-church), you will notice that in the main worship chamber, in addition to a black marble alter covered in gold inlaid Hebrew script, the walls are ringed by giant golden dragons. Between these, though, are golden doors.

A more accurate term might be "portals".

They don't open or close, and there is no apparent non-aesthetic purpose to their presence. At least not one that any masons today are likely to know about.

I think that at some point deep in antiquity, melonhead chemists created psychoactive substances. If they had truly advanced knowledge of physics, they might have guessed at the consequences of expanding their awareness outside the plane of our reality.

But something goaded them, or at least one of them, to try it anyways. In so doing, they communed with entities and acquired the "knowledge" of evil, and how to bring that evil, normally incapable of accessing our universe, into it.

Did the communion and transmission of this knowledge actually occur on a genetic level? Is the mythos of Adam's first wife Lilith an important piece of the puzzle? Yes and yes, I think.

Eden may not have been a physical place, but the sublime state of intelligent beings created in the image of God, living in unimaginable plenitude and love. Somehow, someway, the very fiber of their being was altered, and Gods creation was soiled by a jealous deceiver.

Whatever was inserted in their genetics, works fundamentally like other latent legacy genes, in the sense that in modern times it can be made more active with the right precipitating agent. While it may once have been super active and hardly needed stoking to manifest, multi-generational dilution means it increasingly has over the eons. I think the goal of melonhead rituals since this fall from grace is two-fold:
1) Commune with, or invoke, horrifying unclean spirits from a damned netherworld
2) Elicit expression of the diabolic foreign genetic strain within them.

These goals explain many of the mainstay features of melonhead religious worship. Psychoactive substances are obvious. The dead children? Let me offer a horrifying possibility. The hormonal excretions of a human body pre-puberty are (sensibly) very different than those excreted by an adult. Far more potent, and pure. I think the latent "serpent" genes in melonheads are driven to expression by these hormonal excretions, and that is why melonheads instinctively consume the bodily fluids of children in fear. It literally feeds some sort of demon inside of them. This is where the vampire/Dracula (Dracula translating as dragon) connection comes from. Why they found medieval villagers spiking melonhead aristocrats in their graves. Also why their goddess Lilith consumes children, and tempts with blood-lust those who carry her genetic legacy.

What's down beneath Malta? Here is my conclusion: It is probably best that we don't know. I strongly guess that the House of the Temple is basically a pale imitation of whatever it is. Maybe the melonheads used their understanding of sacred geometry and psychic energy to create some sort of infernal gateway for diabolic entities, guarded by Lovecraftian monsters from your darkest nightmares. Maybe a race of lizard people lives down there, or maybe just a lot of dirt.

Hopefully just a lot of dirt.

PS- Rather than a game-show, I picture more of a haunted house, where at the end of the haunted house, 9 foot tall fanged melonhead lizard men leap down from the rafters and eat the child-contestants.

Edward said...

More stuff connecting Jaynes and ASD here
Seems to have a lot of quite interesting ideas.

Grognard said...

Jeffrey, google george washington and little green men. Ole ben franklin is my great great to whatever ancestor. Now I kick myself for not joining the masons, if there's really cool stuff behind it. My dad told me I was missing out big time in some nonspecific way but I didn't listen.

Luke said...

Thanks for your responses everyone. I have a lot to think about...

Luke said...
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